Comarch at Interop Tokyo 2019 in Japan

Between June 12-14, Comarch delegates from the Telecommunications, Technologies, and Healthcare sectors attended Interop Tokyo, one of Japan's largest IT-industry events. The fair, which was combined with a conference for IT people, attracted more than 150 000 visitors this year.

As part of a series of energizing meetings, numerous Comarch clients visited our stand to see specialists demonstrate IAA and OSS (as integrated with Apresia Systems routers). Guests particularly enjoyed hands-on contact with the Comarch Healthcare diagnostic array, which made a powerful and lasting impression.

Comarch's two specialist keynote teams were supported by able translations into Japanese provided by Łukasz Zezulak, who works at the company's Japanese office. Wojciech Dziunikowski and Michał Mędrala, from the Telecommunications sector, discussed the digital transformation of business, 5G architecture modeling, and the use of machine learning to detect and repair network faults. Radosław Kotewicz and Kazimierz Cięciak from the Technologies and Healthcare sectors addressed Comarch's Internet of Things products - including Smart Metering - and Healthcare devices such as Comarch CardioVest and Comarch Life Bracelet.

“For Comarch Japan, Interop is the year's most important cross-sector fair. If you compare it with our previous Japan shows, such as Wireless Japan and IT Week, Interop seems closest to the other world conferences we go to, such as the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. I think the way the Comarch stand was prepared, the choice of products to promote, and the topics we selected for the keynote speakers, all hit the spot. Our stand was literally besieged after the keynotes. In Japan, as well as being a real way to acquire new and significant business contacts, to take part in these trade shows is still important for building market visibility and credibility among customers and partners.”
– Paweł Kłęczek, Managing Director, Comarch Japan


Anna Cyganik
Anna Cyganik
Marketing Specialist

Anna is responsible for event management in Comarch Telecommunication Business Unit. She organizes Comarch’s own events as well as coordinates Comarch’s participation in external industry conferences and trade fairs taking place all over the world.

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