E-visit – a Comfortable Alternative for Physicians and Patients

Modern IT solutions in the field of medicine mean that we are a few smartphone clicks away from obtaining medical advice or consulting a doctor about test results. The same applies to obtaining an e-prescription, e-referral or e-sick leave, which we can easily obtain during an e-visit.

From the perspective of patients and physicians, e-visits are, along with tele-advice, a necessary step on the way to full digitization of health care in Poland. Remote contact with their doctor means that patients save time for other activities. Often, patients feel even more comfortable during a visit carried out remotely, without the need to visit a clinic. An e-visit is a great alternative for patients of all ages, especially during periods of increased incidence of influenza and similar diseases, when we want to avoid larger groups of people, fearing viruses and bacteria.

Telemedicine solutions are also a great help in the daily work of doctors, especially at a time when the healthcare system in Poland is very overloaded. The possibility of remote consultations means the workload on specialists is eased significantly, and their working time is optimized. In addition, e-visits simplify the process of referring and registering patients for further, more specialized visits and examinations, while reducing bureaucracy and, for example, allowing doctors to issue referrals or prescriptions during tele-counselling.

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Among the indisputable advantages of e-visits, it is worth mentioning the fact that doctors can constantly help patients without unnecessary exposure to viruses and bacteria. At the same time, we should remember that the availability of e-visits does not exclude patients from in-person visits when physical examinations are necessary. 

How do e-visits work?

The format of e-visits may vary between facilities. Most often, patients will meet their doctor for a teleconference, videoconference, telephone conversation or chat. During the remote visit, the doctor has access to all patient data, securely stored in the HIS-class (hospital information system) system. The specialist can therefore conveniently read any history of a patient’s disease, order tests, issue the necessary documents in electronic form, and monitor the course of the patient’s treatment. 

To conduct an e-visit effectively, the doctor needs access to a dedicated IT system that allows a video call, a phone call, or a written chat.  Such functionalities are offered by the Comarch Optimed NXT Cloud system.

Optimed NXT Cloud is a modern, cloud-based HIS-class system created for clinics and doctors’ offices. The use of secure cloud space allows rapid and convenient access to patient data and information about the facility’s resources. Importantly, it does not require the purchase of expensive hardware infrastructure – by choosing the cloud, you save a lot of resources.

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Author: Katarzyna Strzebońska, Comarch S.A. 

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