E-services in the Daily Work of a Physician

The electronic health sector is growing every year. This is influenced not only by learning achievements and by the acquisition of more and better knowledge by medical staff, but also by the progressive digitization process and the innovative solutions that this brings. These include e-services such as
e-prescriptions, e-referrals, and electronic medical records.

E-services are not only a great means of facilitating the day-to-day work of healthcare professionals, but are also to a large extent required by law. They benefit doctors and patients, with time and cost savings being among the most important advantages.

Popular e-services available on the market include:

  • E-registration – online registration for selected medical benefits
  • E-prescriptions and e-referrals – convenient and easily issued e-documents, including during teleservices
  • Electronic medical records (EMD) – any document produced electronically

Access to e-services has never been easier – solutions for doctors and medical institutions

The implementation of digital solutions in a medical facility may (although it absolutely doesn’t have to!) be a challenge. However, let us not forget that their implementation can make the day-to-day work of doctors and managers much easier, and make the facility more patient-friendly.

The Comarch Healthcare product portfolio offers a range of solutions dedicated to large medical facilities as well as smaller medical offices. Among these, particular attention should be paid to those facilitating the provision and delivery of e-services. 

Comarch Optimed NXT

Need help managing your medical facility? Comarch Optimed NXT is a professional HIS class system (hospital information system) that will optimize this process regardless of the specialization or size of the unit. We have a range of modules at our disposal, basic and additional, based on your individual needs, and a choice of cloud-based software versions. The Optima NXT system provides easy access to electronic medical records, a patient portal, e-registration and many other e-services. 

Comarch medNote

Do you feel you need help managing your office? Discover Comarch medNote, an intuitive web-based application that organizes medical records, helps you to set up a variety of e-documents efficiently, and facilitates the seamless exchange of data and information seamlessly on the doctor-patient line. 

Comarch Concierge

Do you want to communicate with a patient outside the office, at a higher, yet at the same time much simpler level? Check out Medical Concierge, a solution that will impress both the physician and the patient. Issue e-prescriptions, conduct video consultations, and share electronic medical records with patients through a single portal. Concierge also allows e-registration for visits, and many other features designed to relieve the burden on healthcare professionals and facilitate patient contact with specialists.

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Katarzyna Strzebońska, Comarch Healthcare


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