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MS Excel online courses will help you develop a thorough understanding of MS Excel and explore its abundant features. You will learn how to write functions; sort, filter, and import data and much more. Learn MS Excel and explore various functions and formulas that you can leverage on MS Excel to track and manage and track data-driven projects.

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Advanced Excel and VBA – knowledge only for selected audience?

It is mostly the employees of large financial centers or simply corporate employees handling large amounts of data, who pride in having advanced Excel skills. These are realities of the labor market that should come as no surprise. What may still surprise, however, is when, for unknown reasons, many people, seeing the mysterious VBA, assume in advance that there is no point at all to take up this tool without knowing anything about programming. Absolutely unnecessarily. Firstly, VBA doesn't bite. Secondly, it is quite a nice tool to automate your work with documents, usually with macro commands. If you get shivers at the thought of macros – we reassure you, they really are manageable.

MS Excel is widely popular, though for many it still remains an enigmatic tool!

There’s really no need to be afraid of Excel. For lovers of counting or efficient work organization, it can prove to be a real source of passion. For those who simply don’t like counting, it will be an excellent tool useful when preparing complicated calculations. Those at odds with time and work organizations will also appreciate its advantages. As you see – only benefits that are within your reach as well.

Self-study may turn out to be insufficient

Generally, we are able to learn many things on our own, including how to use a spreadsheet. Someone rightly points out that if you browse the Internet a little, you will find quite a substantial number of websites, tutorials, or similar resources that are designed to support your learning. Of course, everything depends on the learner, their predisposition to acquire knowledge, enthusiasm, and willingness. Self-study has its advantages, but often we need support not only in the form of "bookish" knowledge but also in the form of guidance from an experienced person in the subject matter. This is usually crucial at the very beginning of our journey, whether it's learning how to use a program or even learning a language. 

The beginnings are the most important as they provide a strong base for further education. But also, at higher levels of knowledge acquisition, there may be complexities and ambiguities, which will be much easier to work through under care of a coach or teacher. Let us, therefore, help ourselves, and perhaps even allow ourselves to be motivated for further education by those more experienced. If you know that not only time but also the effects are important to you in your learning, take advantage of the training offer. A wide range of MS Excel training courses at various levels is offered, inter alia, by one of the largest training providers in the country: Comarch Training Center.

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  • We rate the implementation, as well as the needs analysis and the training service very well. The company has fulfilled all the arrangements made. The participants assessed the training as useful and valuable from the point of view of their current and future professional tasks. When organizing the training, the employees showed great flexibility and kindness. Therefore, we can recommend Comarch SA as a reliable and professional partner in the organization of IT training.

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  • An undoubted advantage of the trainings was the large number of exercises that the employees did step by step under the supervision of the trainer. The trainer was able to perfectly adjust the pace to the work of the participants, and the participants also praised the possibility of asking questions about functionality that went beyond the scope of the course.



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