Network Consolidation for M&A

Network Consolidation for M&A: An IT System for Managing Network Consolidation and Acquisitions in Telecoms

Comarch Network Consolidation for M&A helps telecoms companies organize and streamline network planning and consolidation processes efficiently in merger and acquisition (M&A) projects. The tool is built of various components from Comarch's next generation OSS portfolio. The core modules of the product include Resource & Network Inventory, Planning Framework (with Radio, Transport and Core technology packs), Geographical Information System (GIS), Mediation, Reporting and Business Process Management. The Pairing and Rating engine, used for automatic benchmarking and site selection, extends the capabilities of network inventory planning.

How to Save Time and Money on Telecom Network Merger & Acquisition Processes

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Benefits of implementing the OSS system to manage network consolidation - Comarch Network Consolidation for M&A:

Customize your network planning workflows

Comarch Network Consolidation for M&A comes with easily configurable business processes, used to orchestrate the target network planning workflow. The management can easily track and report process milestones, which allows a constant and clear overview of consolidation process.

Get a consistent view of your network planning processes

Browse radio and transport planners’ decisions and results in the form of convenient reports or views. Take a look at your network using the geographical view. Measure the progress and consolidation outcomes with configurable KPIs.

Plan your target network before gaining M&A approval

Thanks to the built-in data access rights management functionality, it is possible for Comarch to migrate and operate on data from both sides of the M&A process, while isolating the sensitive data until receiving approval from the authorities. This speeds up site selection and planning the target, consolidated network so that, when the M&A is officially approved, you can begin operational activities right away. A further consolidated rollout process can be provided in a unified, controlled manner.

Easily extend to other Comarch OSS modules

As your needs change you can expand the platform with a wider set of capabilities from Comarch OSS, as the solution reuses the Comarch Network Planning & Design. A classic extension is Comarch Configuration Management that assists with provisioning changes directly on network resources.

Synchronize with other OSS tools

Synchronize all M&A activities managed within the system with legacy OSS tools, thanks to a built-in mediation module.

Plan any network in any technology

The tool supports all radio technologies (2G/3G/4G) together with market-used logical and physical transport layers.

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