OXYCOM, the start-up company has decided to build a BSS Platform based on Comarch’s products. According to the agreement, the following modules will be implemented: Comarch Convergent Billing, Comarch Service Activation, Comarch Billing Mediation and Comarch ESB (Enterprise Service Bus).

The project has been up and running since the ending of the first phase of the implementation. During this stage, main functionalities and integrations were deployed, which are perceived by OXYCOM as crucial in order to deliver all its services such as VoIP, Software on Demand (SoD), Software as a Service (SaaS) and eCommerce platform. Currently, the project is in its second stage, during which further functionalities are developed, mainly focused on automation processes and system integration, which will enable OXYCOM to activate its next advanced services.

The key component of the implemented solution is Comarch Convergent Billing, a modern high capacity and scalable billing system which contains a Central Product Manager with all the products and rates of OXYCOM’s services. The solution also supports partner data management and inter-partner settlements, customer relationship management, account data management along with a full integration with the existing CRM system, thanks to Enterprise Service Bus - Comarch ESB.

Comarch Billing Mediation is a fully scalable platform, responsible for data collection distribution, processing and system distribution. It monitors the elements to which it is connected and generates predefined alarms and notifications. Comarch Service Provisioning is responsible for fast and reliable service activation along with complete integration with the existing platforms which provide services.

Bogumil Butryn, Technical Department Director at OXYCOM S.A.: - The experience and skills of Comarch’s professionals enabled us to create a customized system configuration that allowed to run optimally with our new services. Thanks to the training at Comarch’s Headquarters, our BSS systems’ administrators can react dynamically on the business needs that are evaluated and we can expand OXYCOM’s offer. The flexibility of Comarch’s portfolio allows us to build new rate models, which are later made available to our customers online. The Software on Demand (SoD) or Software as a Service (SaaS) market is growing very fast and so bearing an updated offer in this area has a substantial meaning.

Piotr Piatosa, Vice President of the Management Board and Head of the Telecommunications Business Unit, Comarch S.A., claims:- Thanks to our products from the BSS Suite, OXYCOM has a coherent, well-integrated system that allows them to maintain operational and finance areas of their business. The product catalog for all service platforms is worth mentioning, as also the integration with existing platforms such as eBOK, CRM or eCommerce.

Scheduled project completion is planned at the end of September 2011.

OXYCOM S.A. is one of the most innovative companies from the news technologies and communications sector in Poland. Its main advantages are: a rich portfolio of modern IT services, a well-trained team and flexibility, through which OXYCOM is able to adapt to customer needs. Among OXYCOM’s products can be found solutions based on the cloud model, voice communications, as well as systems allowing for savings and IT outsourcing. Thanks to a group of experts, OXYCOM S.A. is able to meet the challenges posed by the IT market and suggest a solution tailored to his needs of any client.

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