Empowering Telcos with AI: Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Telecoms

Artificial intelligence has come a long way since being a mere buzzword of technology-based industries, and right now it has become the reality. The telecom industry, being heavily based on technological advances, is already using AI technology in various scenarios, from network automation to personalizing customer offers. It seems, however, that the CSPs are not using the full potential of artificial intelligence, with many being only at the beginning of the AI-driven automation journey.

AI in Telecoms: Beyond the Hype

As telcos face increasing demand for higher quality of services and better customer experience, they must reach out for more intelligent, powerful and innovative technologies. Artificial intelligence is the answer to many CSPs’ business-critical challenges. What can AI do today? It has an unmatched ability to process and analyze enormous amounts of big data and provide valuable insights, improve the quality of services and increase revenues, by providing new ways for telcos to optimize network maintenance and customer service costs, and allowing operators to prepare better tailored offers for their B2C and B2B customers.

But utilizing AI in a telco is not just about gaining a market advantage, it is also about staying in the game in the first place. Emerging technologies such as 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing are pushing networks to the limits – forcing telcos to handle huge amounts of data and making process automation a must. That means telecoms simply must adopt AI and ML (machine learning) algorithms in their business processes – and sooner rather than later.

Artificial intelligence provides powerful support for a number of different scenarios – from automated network problem detection and self-healing, through protecting the network and its users from any fraudulent activities, to predicting future actions needed to reach specific business goals. This innovative technology allows key telco employees to focus on crucial tasks, instead of performing repetitive and wearisome ones that can easily be done by a machine. What’s more, using artificial intelligence can ensure greater safety in multiple areas – from providing maintenance services in problematic locations to providing security for the network and its users.

Prepare for an AI-driven Future

The application of artificial intelligence in telecommunications can provide operators with a great many advantages. By utilizing AI in telecoms, CSPs can save money and become more efficient, but above all – they can survive and thrive in the telecommunications business.

As with any disruptive technology (such as 5G, for example), the business success of artificial intelligence will depend on the use cases telecoms will be able to identify and implement in their organizations. The potential of process automation is huge, but there are also new challenges that come with every innovation.

Regardless of whether you are aiming to save money using pervasive AI, tackle fraud in billing and customer service, use AI to streamline the self-healing of virtualized networks, or control network maintenance with drones for automated problem detection, the answer lies in properly preparing your business and IT environment for the challenges that are coming.

The future of AI in telecom industry is bright. Are you looking to learn about applying BSS/OSS systems to various telecom AI use cases? In this year’s four-episode campaign, we explore various AI-driven services that can help telcos grow their businesses and optimize resources. Each video highlights a different area of expertise, providing telecommunication operators with a comprehensive view of the current state of AI technology.

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