The use of artificial intelligence as a means of determining and driving customer experience will take a great leap forward, helping telcos to better understand and serve their customers.

AI/ML opportunities for enhanced customer experience in telecommunications

AI and machine learning will bring together behavioral and conventional system-sourced data, location tracking, social media monitoring and other sources, to contextualize and personalize customer experience – in the real and online domains. These technologies will help operators develop empathetic marketing and target customers more precisely with personalized offers and services, creating new sales opportunities. In one domain in particular – that of chatbots (human to machine interfaces) – AI/ML will become further popularized.

AI investments will enable telcos to optimize network quality by smarter detection and anomaly prediction, assisted capacity planning, and self-optimization that responds to changing conditions. AI/ML will ensure more reliable services by using historical data and sophisticated algorithms for predictive maintenance, particularly as AI can deal rapidly with complex multi-factor root-cause or impact analysis.

Telcos will also have more advanced tools at their disposal to reduce fraud, by applying AI/ML to usage/location analysis of devices and services. In particular, operators will be able to uncover and halt roaming and SIM-based fraud for subscription services. In the pre-paid domain, AI will help detect abnormal accumulation of credit, top-ups based on stolen codes, and more.

In all AI use cases, telcos will be able to utilize the data they already have

Many will go even further, implementing processes to further automate resource management.

While interest in blockchain decreases amongst telecoms, AI is truly a game-changer that is worth investment from every telco. With the popularization of SDN/NFV and edge computing on 5G networks, it’s certain we’ll see numerous new business cases in the coming months.


Dominik Pacewicz

Chief Product Manager BSS

Being customer-focused, he builds the vision behind the whole Comarch BSS stack and supervises its realization. As an experienced architect, he’s also actively supporting the most complex transformation projects for some of Comarch’s key BSS customers.



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