The Borough of Milanówek Already Benefits from Two Innovative Comarch Diagnostic Centres And Plans Their Further Development
Comarch Diagnostic Points offer quick and easy access to medical services without the need for a physical visit to the doctor. They have been created in order to improve the ability to access medical services for patients and to use medical equipment in order to perform independent measurements of the basic vital parameters. Thanks to Diagnostic Points, medical care can be made available to patients in offices, school, the gym, local institutions, the shopping centre and many other places.


Two Comarch Diagnostic Points have been installed in the Borough of Milanówek: in Milanowski Klub Seniora in Ośrodek Pomocy Społecznej, in Krakowska St., as well as in Punkt Informacyjno-Konsultacyjny in Ośrodek Pomocy Społecznej in Milanówek, in Kościuszki St.

They have been equipped with ECG recorder, thermometer, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, and a scale. These devices enable quick and easy measurement of the basic vital parameters. Tests in basic mode can be performed independently. Extended mode requires the assistance of a carer or a nurse.

he devices fitted in the Diagnostic Point work together with an application available on a tablet or screen, designed to collect and send data to Centrum Zdalnej Opieki Medycznej Comarch (Comarch Remote Medical Care Centre). This data is analysed in detail and its interpretation is returned back to the person being examined.

The Diagnostic Points in Milanówek were purchased as part of the project „Development of social services in Milanówek Community” with the support of EU funds. Their location will allow for improved accessibility to medical services for all residents, who are unable to make a physical visit to the doctor due to unavailability of the doctor, lack of time, too high costs or long waiting times.

Twice a year, remote consultations will be available at the Diagnostic Points, intended for all those who would like to take care of their health. The Borough of Milanówek, within the framework of the aforementioned project, has been using the life bracelet, WristBand, produced by Comarch since 2018 and it is ready to permanently modernise its region and further develop the Diagnostic Points by adding more devices. All this will allow for improved access to medical care for any interested person.


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