Szpital na Klinach Hospital switches to Oracle Cloud with the Comarch Optimed NXT system

The NEO HOSPITAL Group’s Szpital na Klinach in Krakow is one of the most modern medical facilities in Poland and CEE. It uses the end-to-end Optimed NXT IT system by Comarch Healthcare S.A., which was migrated to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in September. It is a comprehensive web solution which supports the full scope of the medical facility’s functioning – from registering patients, through their stay in the hospital and its operating theater, to discharge and settlement.


Comarch Optimed NXT provides full hospital management – including outpatient clinic, hospital, pharmacy and ward pharmacies, planning treatments in the operating theater, and drug management.

“Szpital na Klinach uses our system in a very intensive manner, by keeping all its medical records in an electronic form,” comments Jacek Pawełczyk, Sales Director, Comarch Healthcare. “Due to the hospital’s nature, one of the basic system modules is the module for commercial support of patients which provides for a wide range of payment forms, price lists, discounts, promotional campaigns etc. The system’s reporting capabilities are also important, as they are used by the management board to plan the entity’s functioning. Thanks to very good cooperation with the management board which approaches innovative solutions with enthusiasm, Optimed NXT is being constantly developed in both the functional and technical scope – which is best proved by using such an innovative solution as Oracle Cloud,” he adds.

“To prepare the migration of Optimed NXT to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, we conducted a range of performance tests for Comarch Healthcare’s partner in order to check the system’s functioning with different numbers of concurrent users. Based on the experience gathered during tests, Comarch’s team of architects developed a configuration for the hospital, which was then demonstrated to the client during a Proof of Concept presentation. It was proved beyond doubt that Oracle Cloud offers a secure and efficient database in the most cost effective manner, and also enables convenient consumption-based billing in monthly cycles. All these factors contributed to choosing Oracle Cloud by the hospital’s management board,” stresses Robert Grochulski, responsible for the healthcare sector at Oracle Polska.

Optimed NXT is a cloud-native system. The original deployment at Szpital na Klinach was based on an IaaS service delivered by a local provider. Due to the quick growth of the medical facility and constantly increasing volume of data being processed, that model proved insufficient, which made the company’s management board consider migrating the system to the cloud.

“When looking for efficiencies, modern hospitals search for organizational and technological innovation as well as process improvements. Data storage and ensuring constant access to data are one of key areas with room for performance improvement. Secure and efficient IT infrastructure and processes are among the pillars of a modern healthcare enterprise. Our hospital chose Oracle’s cloud solution because it is scalable and adaptable to our current needs, which translates into cost optimization while ensuring high security of processes,” stresses Joanna Szyman, President, NEO HOSPITAL Group.

An excellent test of the cloud model’s functionality was testing the Comarch system in an environment which has been configured identically to the planned production environment.

“The tests were positive, so we decided to accept the offer. Today, I can safely say that the system works very well in the cloud and that it is fast and able to ingest any amount of data, so the growth of Szpital na Klinach will not be hampered by technological limitations. Oracle Cloud’s security mechanisms are also one of the reasons for its adoption. Such high level of security is practically unobtainable for the local provider due to significant costs of physical infrastructure, as well as licenses and maintenance of the entire configuration,” summarizes Michał Ważydrąg, IT Director, Szpital na Klinach.

Since the very beginning of Comarch’s Optimed NXT system deployment, Szpital na Klinach has been cloud-oriented.

“The original deployment took place in January 2019 and it should be pointed out that the system was launched off-premise as an IaaS service right from the start. In September 2020, that model was changed to Oracle Cloud, which provides even higher availability, efficiency and failure resistance parameters, and thanks to unlimited data storage area in the database, also a long-term environment unlimited by time and resources,” adds Michał Paszek, System Engineer, Comarch Healthcare.


About Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a wide range of services available in Oracle’s public cloud which make it possible to develop and launch applications in a scalable, secure, highly available, failure-resistant and efficient environment. Since its launch in late 2016, the OCI platform has been expanded to include over 80 services available in 28 cloud regions around the world, with 36 regions planned by the end of 2020. OCI services may be flexibly scaled to process a wide range of corporate workloads. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers a variety of cloud services including Bare Metal (BM) compute, virtual machines (VMs), virtual cloud networks (VCNs), block and object storage, identity and access management, analytics, system audit tools, developer tools, autonomous database, and integration services.


About Szpital na Klinach

Forming part of the NEO HOSPITAL Group, Szpital na Klinach is a highly specialized hospital with state-of-the-art medical equipment, offering a comprehensive portfolio of ambulatory and hospital services. It is the first facility in southern Poland to use the da Vinci surgical system in the area of gynecology, urology, general and colorectal surgery, and bariatrics. The hospital’s team of specialists and doctors apply best clinical practices based on experience gained in Poland and abroad. The hospital’s work is supported by the state-of-the-art, intuitive Optimed NXT system by Comarch Healthcare S.A.

About Comarch Healthcare

Comarch Healthcare S.A. develops end-to-end IT systems for healthcare which support medical facilities, as well as innovative remote healthcare solutions. With its in-depth market knowledge, resulting from industry specialization, qualified staff and experience gained in the course of implementation of complex projects, it offers clients highest quality services and products based on state-of-the-art technologies. The current portfolio of Comarch Healthcare S.A. includes a full range of modules required for digitization of medical facilities throughout patient care.


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