The “Efficient Physician”: Comarch medNote – an Exceptional Medical Application for Individual Medical Practices

Comarch medNote application was created with individual medical practices in mind. Using modern solutions, medNote means a physician can use their working time more effectively, allows more efficient anamnesis, and gives a significant reduction in the costs associated with long-term safe storage of medical documentation. 


medNote Comarch Healthcare


For years, physicians have struggled in their day to day work with huge amounts of medical documentation. Storing such documentation in paper form poses a major challenge to a medical unit, for it not only occupies space in doctor's office, but it also necessitates provision of conditions to secure it against theft, fire, or adverse atmospheric conditions. Thanks to the development of information technology, and the work of many experts, an application that solve these problems has now been developed. 

The creators of medNote were guided by the idea of implementing the obligation to keep and store medical documentation in electronic form. Taking into account the needs of physicians conducting their individual practices, the employees of Comarch Healthcare placed emphasis on using intuitive solutions supporting the daily work of physicians. As a result, the medNote application, which debuted on the market in December 2014 during that year’s E-Health Symposium (Medicine 3.0: Healthcare of the Future), is an ideal system for supporting the management of a medical practice. 


A Modern and Intuitive Solution for Electronic Medical Documentation

Comarch medNote allows a doctor to keep electronic medical documentation in an easy and accessible manner. It is particularly important for doctors who are not very proficient in using computer technology. The low entry requirements make the application easy to use and do not require a complete change of habits acquired in handling typical paper documents. 

"Our product is dedicated to physicians running individual practices”, says Mr. Bartosz Pampuch, R&D Director at Comarch. “The system enables electronic medical documentation to be kept in a manner resembling the work on a piece of paper. But this 'piece of paper' is provided with a number of convenient features enabling the doctor to save time. A search engine for medical terms as well as for medication catalogs is built into our forms”. 


As Intuitive as a Piece of Paper

Comarch medNote is based on work with paper documents, and therefore it is more like a text editor than a typical medical application. All forms available in medNote are modeled on paper versions of documents familiar to the doctor from their day to day work. Because of this, the user does not waste time learning how to operate the new application and is able to switch rapidly to working with electronic documentation. The medNote application assumes that all data entered are saved in the Comarch cloud. This kind of solution allows, for example, records connecting with a visit and begun on one device to be continued during the next visit, even on another computer. It also ensures that no data will be lost should the Internet browser be accidentally closed. 

medNote Comarch Healthcare

Necessary Information Always at Hand

Comarch’s medNote application combines data from various sources (such as medical documentation, medical terminology, tests, diagnoses, and histories of visits) and provides it to the user whenever required. Thus the data from a given patient’s previous visits are available either in the form of separate documents or in the as a compiled, cross sectional review of the their health status and diseases. The doctor can use this information both for analysis and for repeated anamnesis during the any subsequent visit (in order, for example, to copy the content of previous anamneses or previously prescribed medicines). When filling in referrals for laboratory tests, the doctor can check instantly when previous tests were done. Additionally, the medNote system automatically displays data on health insurance, and an up to date list of risk factors. 


A System Tailored to Your Needs 

Comarch medNote enables great possibilities to configure text fields, which means the application can be adapted to the needs and specificities of any given medical practice. The system offers many mechanisms for saving a doctor's time. Each user can create screens with medical data, hide items of information not needed for a given specialty area, or define the order in which the particular items are displayed within the screens. The user has also options to mark entries as “favorites”, which allows faster completion of documents during anamnesis. An additional mechanism allows the user to conduct full-text phrase searches of medical terminology and catalogs of medications, based on head words and using even parts of a word. 


Efficient and Convenient Prescribing

The key differentiating feature of the medNote system is that it allows speedy and efficient prescribing. It is often the case that doctors need to use various sources in order to obtain complete information on the medicine being prescribed to the patient. But medNote provides all required information in one place. While a prescription is being filled in, the system automatically searches through the PharmIndex medication catalog supplied to all users together with the application. A built-in system of hints reduces the time needed for selecting the correct medicine, displaying the current refund levels, and showing scopes of indications and information on the market availability of the given medicine. During the process of completing the prescription, the physician can review the list of substitute medicines, and the system also gives warnings about drugs that might interact with other medication, those representing hazards for pregnant patients, or medication that could adversely affect the patient’s psychomotor efficiency.


medNote Comarch Healthcare


medNote Scanner

An additional option available in the system is the possibility to scan documents using a smartphone and a free medNote Scanner application. The photographs and scanned documents pertaining to a patient can be recorded from a hard drive, smartphone or tablet. It is enough to scan the QR code generated by the application and to photograph the selected document, or select a suitable photograph from the album and send it to medNote.


An Instant Solution Without Unnecessary Costs

Owing to the functionalities of the Comarch medNote system, the doctor obtains a ready to use solution without needing to build a large technical support base and incur the costs associated with it. The medNote application enables the physician to access necessary information from any place without the need to lug paper medical documentation around. Using the system requires no special installation – it is enough to open a web browser. 

The authors of the medNote application are currently working on making the system even more efficient. Several weeks ago, users were provided with a new functionality that factors in the work of a medical assistant. This option permits the creation of an account connected to people  a maximum of three) who register patients. The account can be discontinued at any time. The medical assistant has access to a patient’s registers, and can also see the timetable of doctor's visits. This person can also search the patients, check on their planned visits, and edit their personal data. There are plans for further new functionalities, such as matching the application with a doctor’s specialization and integration with the website. The authors of medNote are also preparing to extend the system by including the possibility to issue electronic prescriptions and make e-referrals. 


Mobile medical applications are becoming increasingly popular. Simple to operate, accessible from an Internet browser, and – above all – safe, they will predominate over traditional paper medical documentation in the near future. 


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