Discover the Seven Key Functionalities of Optimed NXT

Seven elements differentiating the system for medical center management. Discover the seven key functionalities of Optimed NXT.

Optimed NXT System 

HIS Optimed Comarch Healthcare


1. Various Methods of Software Delivery

Within system implementation, it is possible to select the method of installation and making the software available. The first method uses the client’s infrastructure. In this case, the system is installed on local servers. Another solution is to make the system available as a service. In such a configuration, the application and database are installed at Comarch Data Center. Regardless of the option selected, access to the application is just as easy from the user’s point of view.


2. Online Access 

The solution operates as a web application. This means that access to the system at workstations only requires a web browser. Working with the system does not require installation of any additional software, owing to which the application is always up to date. Access to the system is provided to users according to allocated rights, which means they can only carry out specific activities. Users can use the solution on computers, laptops, and tablets. Access is possible anywhere within the hospital, and outside it, according to the security policy adopted.


3. All Data in One Place

The system uses a relative database via the dedicated application programming interface (API) and an integration bus. Logged in users with appropriate access rights can operate on the same data. If changes are introduced, other users are informed in real time. Owing to the applied technologies, Optimed NXT is efficient even in the case of processed data being downloaded from other systems on a very large scale.


4. Data Import

Data import automation, e.g. in XLS, XML, or CSV formats, allows easy and effective implementation of the application in new locations. The possibility to carry out test imports reduces the number of errors related to data migration. Moreover, information transfer includes data validation ending with the generation of a detailed report. The report contains warnings and information about errors preventing the import of specific data.


5. Security

Medical data are particularly sensitive from the security point of view.The application itself provides access to information using an encrypted connection. User access rights to system functions and documentation are subject to detailed control.

Security mechanisms applied:

  • Encrypted connections on the browser – server line
  • Access rights control allows precise specification of the elements and system data that can be accessed by a user. All logged in users (doctors, nurses, registration staff and administrators) can use the same application according to  their access rights. The rights are established for specific staff roles, with the option of making exceptions for individual users
  • Change control audit allows recording of who made changes and when, and what was changed, and includes a view of previous data in the documentation. Moreover, the system records other activities (such as logging in, or viewing data of a specific patient)
  • A backup copy allows data security in the event of failure
  • Digital signature allows the maintenance of reliable digital medical documentation.


6. Flexible Form Definition

Medical documentation is maintained on the basis of a form definition mechanism. The documentation is adjusted to specific unit specialization. So, for example, if a unit type provides for the need for an additional test, such a test charter can only be available in such a unit. The focus was on facilitation when completing the documentation in the system. When completing any document, the user has access to data from a patient’s previous visits or hospitalization. Furthermore, it is possible to configure templates and standard content, and to manage values in form fields, which allows some documents to be completed I just a few clicks. Documents created in this manner can be exported to PDF format (in order, for example, that they can be printed or digital signed).


7. Reports

Optimed NXT is supplied as a set of general reports. Some reports are available in the application in interactive form whereby, on the basis of the obtained results, action can be taken immediately. Other reports are usually generated by exporting  data to PDF or XLS formats. The outlook of such reports can be tailored to the client’s needs. The system also features an in-built mechanism called Report Generator, which allows users to generate a report on the basis of selected data. There is no predefined scope for such reports, so various listings may be generated in accordance with the individual client's needs.


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