Benefits from Implementing Electronic Health Record (EHR)

The advantage of Electronic Health Record over its traditional paper equivalent is absolutely clear. We present several rational reasons for not delaying the introduction of e-documentation.


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Greater Data Availability and Transparency

The introduction of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system offers streamlining of hospital work which used to be entirely manual. It clearly improves the availability and transparency of medical information, and allows the system to fully reflect all processes occurring both in the hospital and during ambulatory treatment – including document flow secured with electronic signatures.

Reduced Risk of Information Error

Owing to the EHR system, medical users can obtain information regarding a particular patient at any time, at every workstation at the hospital, while all events from the treatment process are saved in the system. The implementation of e-documentation significantly reduces the risk of information error, shortens patient handling time, and thus cuts time to diagnosis. This prevents increased morbidity due to lack of action.

Improved Ease of Work for Medical Staff

The introduction of Electronic Health Record benefits not only patients, but also staff of the center. This is because quick report generation and a transparent view of a patient's condition and medical history offer greater ease work, enhanced by tablets that permit doctors to view their patients’ documentation at the bedside. The replacement of traditional documentation with digital records also eliminates the need for significant storage space for archive documents.

Learn more about the Comarch EHR system. Find out about benefits, particular functionalities, a list of implementation projects, and areas of application.


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