Zero Touch Network Provisioning

Zero-touch Network Provisioning: The Enabler of Automated Service Management in Telecoms

The increasing number of edge devices caused by IoT and 5G requires easy and rapid implementation of elements in the telecom network. Manual action is no longer needed if zero-touch provisioning is introduced for automating service management. New devices introduced to the telecom network can be automatically updated with the boot image, pre-configured with initial configuration and updated with arbitrary scripts.

Zero-touch Provisioning is a solution to the new challenges arising from massive NFV usage in the network, which is considered as disruptive technology in OSS service management. By their nature, virtual network functions are very dynamic as they respond to changes in the network situation. Only zero-touch provisioning in telecom can deliver the configuration needed for each newly deployed virtual function. With the further introduction of microservices to NFV, the lifecycle length of functionality gets even shorter. Manual configuration by specialists has become infeasible in NFV networks.

The Successful Rollout of 5G Base Stations with Comarch OSS

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Benefits of implementing a system for automated management of telco services - Comarch Zero-touch Network Provisioning:

Reduce cost of device implementation

Devices can be configured without sending a specialist technician to the customer. It can reduce the costs of device implementation, after which initial configuration, software updates and script execution can be done automatically.

Rapid service delivery

After installation, devices can connect to the network, self-configure and activate necessary services, reducing the time needed for service implementation.

Full process automation

Thanks to well-defined API and integration with resource and process management, the complete “plan, build, run” process can be automated. Devices can also establish secure connections with other systems using NETCONF and/or RESTCONT.

Catalog-driven approach

Creating a library of configuration scripts per use case, per vendor and per machine language brings significant cost reductions, as such scripts can easily be taken from the library and implemented in the network.

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