Comarch to Drive the Telecom World Towards a Cloud-based Digital Future with Microsoft Azure

Telecoms are about to become more agile and cost-efficient thanks to Comarch’s digital full stack BSS/OSS (business and operation support systems) solutions deployed on the Microsoft Azure public cloud.

Comarch’s portfolio is well-known for its broad approach to the customer, product and billing management with fully automated orchestration, inventory and assurance, which are already cloud-native microservices, utilizing open APIs and running on container platforms. Now, Comarch is extending the proposed on-premises and SaaS cloud offers, to include the public cloud.

The solution is already being implemented for a country-wide Tier 1 operator. Comarch is going to deploy full-stack BSS and OSS, which include various customer portals, CRM, B2C and B2B Ordering and Billing, Campaign Management solutions, and fully automated Service Order Management and Assurance. The Comarch platform is intended to support customers’ businesses seamlessly across the consumer, SME, wholesale, enterprise and government sectors, and provides the ability to differentiate experience by segment. The platform will also enable the Tier 1 operator to facilitate end-consumers’ smooth transition across services as they scale their business models.

The platform is based on extensive portfolio modules, as a truly digital ecosystem needs to deliver amazing customer experience for retail and business clients, large enterprises and government. Being event and data-driven makes the solution able to support end-to-end digital services for customers, while allowing the design to be as simple and cost effective as possible.

The platform is designed for automated, catalog-driven delivery and monetization of innovative new technologies and services such as IoT and 5G, allowing the operator to speed up time to market for products and services.

“For us it is a very exciting adventure to host Tier 1 on a public cloud. This drives digital transformation much faster and more cost-effectively, with no scalability risks. Bearing in mind that telecoms run extraordinary, mission-critical services for B2C and B2B, our designs on Azure are not only secure, but also ready to hyper-scale.

During the design phase we faced several challenges, such as hosting innovative solutions including a real-time online charging system (OCS) on Azure Stack interconnected with native Azure Availability Zones“, says Paweł Mazgaj, Comarch Cloud Deployment team manager.

Microsoft Azure was selected from among cloud market leaders, in order to fully utilize customer demand for scalability, rapid time to market, cutting-edge IT stack and architecture freedom. Azure, being fast in terms of deployment, operation, and scalability, gives a competitive advantage for companies such as Tier 1 operators to adapt to the cloud. At the moment, it is the most up to date cloud technology, allowing infrastructure and applications to be made agile.

“The success of the digital cloud-based transformation depends not only on secure and flexible technology, but above all on the advanced skills of our partners. They are the ones who can transform the power of technology and data into concrete solutions that meet customers' expectations. Today, Comarch is a guide for companies that make bold decisions about digitizing their processes and creating new solutions and models of operation in the cloud. The company has already implemented a number of solutions based on data and AI in the telecommunications sector, which is at the forefront of digital change setting standards for other organizations”, said Wojciech Życzyński, board member of Microsoft in Poland.

“We’re excited to start our cloud journey with Microsoft, one of the market leaders in the domain. We’re convinced our cloud OSS/BSS product portfolio will enable CSPs to streamline their digital initiatives and achieve a high level of automation for customer-oriented business processes to generate even more revenues with a great time to market for the launch of digital products. Continuous investment in R&D is one of the pillars of Comarch Telecommunications’ strategy, and we will be announcing new cloud initiatives soon”, said Jacek Lonc, Head of Telco Sales and Business Strategy Division.

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