Industries across the globe depend on communication service providers to deliver the critical network infrastructure and connectivity improvements to run and transform their businesses. Yet CSPs themselves, under pressure from OTT players and operating on outdated business models, have failed to reap the full rewards of their role in the digital revolution.

Now, it’s time for telcos to start looking at new business models, new ways of thinking, and new markets and partnerships, as they reinvent themselves for the 5G era.

Flexibility, automation, scalability and virtualization will all be key, as will a willingness to adopt a new mindset that can drive CSPs forward. This will entail moving business and network processes into the cloud so that telcos can offer multi-device support, implement new services faster, facilitate data transfer, and achieve hardware independence. It will also mean bringing the customer sharply into focus, introducing omnichannel and marketing strategies that enable clients to move seamlessly across sales channels and devices during the purchase and aftercare processes.

Networks need to be designed around the coming 5G revolution, by establishing partnerships with hardware suppliers and fully embracing virtualization to speed up service deployment. Telcos also need to be ready to analyze and utilize the vast amounts of data they collect, employing advancing technologies such as remote sensors, self-organizing networks, AI and machine learning to help with this. In doing so, they will facilitate customer-friendly predictive maintenance and field services, simultaneously lowering the cost of network maintenance thanks to automated, zero-touch network and service management.

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