Comarch, a global provider of IT business solutions and system integrator has been recently evaluated in two reports issued by a renowned analyst company, Gartner. Comarch’s offer is assessed among other leading providers of Product & Service Catalog and Order Management systems, as well as Customer Experience solutions.

The Competitive Landscape report: “Evolution of Integrated Product Catalog and Service Catalog Management Solutions” points out how communication service providers can simplify their operations and IT architecture by replacing numerous commercial and technical catalogs  and order fulfillment systems with unified, product/service metadatabase information management repository combined with order management. This is in line with Comarch’s vision presented in a white paper published this year “The advantages of a product-catalog-centric BSS”.

The report’s author, Martina Kurth, adresses Comarch Central Product Manager, a part of the Comarch BSS Suite, managed and delivered as part of a larger, comprehensive solution which consists of BSS and OSS products such as Service Catalog and Next Generation Service Fulfillment. The report sees Comarch's strength in this area in offering a strong framework approach and open, flexible architecture complying to SOA and business process management (BPM) principles, which ensures ample operability with legacy systems.

The Market Trends report: "Worldwide, OSS and BSS Help Bridge the Customer Experience Gap, 2011” shows how communications service providers can tap new or existing front- and back-office solutions to obtain better insights into their customer base and considerably improve their customer experience. The report claims that the key idea around Customer Experience Management is to pull solutions addressing various resource-, customer- and service-facing components to more efficient productized or managed solutions. With regards to the offering in the Customer Experience area Comarch’s products are assessed as built both on OSS/service assurance and BSS/customer management domain. The authors, Matrina Kurth and Norbert Scholz see Comarch as an established supplier and a provider of custom developed end-to-end CEM solutions across network, IT marketing, customer management.

“As the areas of Customer Management and Product Management are essential for us and our customers, we are very proud that once again Comarch’s offer was appreciated by Gartner. We are happy that the time and effort put into the development of our flagship products resulted in placing Comarch among leading vendors in these areas.” – says Piotr Machnik, EVP, Product Management & Marketing, Telecommunications Business Unit.

The reports can be downloaded from Gartner’s website:
Competitive Landscape report: “Evolution of Integrated Product Catalog and Service Catalog Management Solutions”
Market Trends report: "Worldwide, OSS and BSS Help Bridge the Customer Experience Gap, 2011"

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