The Role of Maintenance in Deploying and Monetizing 5G Networks

With the widespread introduction of 5G services imminent, communication and digital service providers need to face some difficult challenges. The biggest one seems to be automation, which is crucial for deploying and, even more importantly, successfully managing and maintaining 5G networks.

The pressing need for telecoms to automate their processes inspired us to come up with a solution that is not only efficient, but also time and cost effective for CSPs/DSPs.  

Changing society means changes in the telecom market

The accelerating pace of the popularity of remote activities creates an urgent need in terms of delivering high quality and fast Internet service for customers. Communication and digital service providers must meet consumer requirements or deal with the consequences, which in the long-run mean losing more and more customers to the competition.

Yet, this growing demand for 5G services and applications can be met, and doing so is easier than one may think. 

Automating 5G network maintenance

Let’s start by defining one of the biggest problems that emerged alongside consumer demand for faster and more reliable connection: maintenance.

In order for businesses and consumers to utilize 5G services such as autonomous cars, remote surgeries or VR/AR enhanced events, the connection needs to be 100% reliable. To achieve this, operators need to monitor the network 24/7 and detect any potential issues before they happen and disturb the end-users.

Humans cannot control such vast and complex connections sufficiently in terms of 5G networks. That’s why introducing an AI/ML-based solution is a must.

Predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance

To fulfill the promise of 5G networks and 5G services, we need fully automated predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance. All these stages – monitoring, preservation, and corrective actions are crucial to the accurate functioning of the physical and virtual infrastructure.

Introducing AI in all of those fields sounds complicated and expensive, yet this does not have to be the case if we approach the subject in the right way.  

Let’s not reinvent the wheel

Instead of focusing on technological improvements, we can use what we already have in a more sophisticated way. This means that communication and digital service providers can achieve their goals without having to spend a vast amount of money and time on new solutions for automation.

How can you make this happen?

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Rajmund Zieliński
Rajmund Zieliński
IAA Product Manager

Having gained solid team-building and management skills in previous roles, Rajmund Zieliński brought his holistic approach to business analysis to Comarch. With a firm grounding in project implementation and transitioning and a sound understanding of the agile management philosophy, his economic and telecommunications industry expertise allow him to strike the best strategic balance that delivers on the aspirations of clients and the interests of his own organization.

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