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Comarch IoT Solution Management: An E2E Support for Selling, Storing and IoT System Management in Telecom

The IoT world has changed significantly in the last few years. Service providers no longer focus on delivering connectivity to devices, but on providing comprehensive services – IoT solutions.

Solutions answer the needs of different verticals – sometimes applications, and sometimes devices, support or consulting services. The issue is to support all these elements with a flexible and powerful IoT management platform, and to relate connectivity and devices in the most efficient way that does not treat those elements separately. Comarch IoT Solution Management answers those needs, with end to end support for selling, storing and managing IoT solutions including connectivity services, devices and applications.

Press Release: Supporting the Creation of an IoT Ecosystem:


SCSK insisted on obtaining an end-to-end, open IoT platform to facilitate a variety of future use cases in the different market segments addressed by the company. Comarch is going to deploy a number of solutions as well as its IoT devices, including...

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Paving the Way for AI in IoT

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Benefits of Comarch IoT Solution Management Product:

Manage a comprehensive sales catalog

With the IoT Solution Catalog module you are able create IoT solutions for verticals, connecting devices and applications, importing models and types of devices for specific areas, and creating appropriate offers to fulfill the needs of various businesses and their customers.

Be responsible for the whole contract with the customer

The Contract Management module enables you to finish the quote lifecycle with a contract that can be sent to customer and stored in the system. The contract is the final, negotiated document after all sales steps are finished. Also create amendments to the contract if the customer wishes to use new services. Generate and manage voucher codes quickly (also used for marketing campaigns) thanks to the voucher and top-up management functionality.

Store the whole inventory of various types of IoT devices

Comarch offers operators all the means and capabilities to manage, deliver and monitor all physical devices, from simple nodes, through complex sensors to multimode intelligent IoT gateways.

Make the pricing model device and vertical specific

With IoT quoting capabilities, you are able to adapt your pricing model to vertical specifics, charge for device counters, define device hire or selling models, and set connectivity pricing in the background.

Open your ecosystem to the world of IoT

Use IoT Portal and IoT Marketplace to expose IoT services to your network of customers and partners, sell IoT solutions, and enable the use of vertical applications in one place with a single sign-on feature. Connect with customers and partners, and build a real IoT partnership together.

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