Comarch Teleradiology

Comarch Teleradiology is a system providing new opportunities to medical imaging departments. Healthcare units are faced with an ever-increasing number of examinations involving medical imaging, compared to the small number of available radiologists.

Teleradiological solutions are used to facilitate access to radiology specialists, and to enable them to provide remote reporting of examinations. It is a comprehensive environment allowing the secure transfer of imaging data and remote provision of interpretations of radiological examinations. 




The system is accessible from an internet browser, so can be launched easily on various workstations and updated rapidly

Easy to integrate

The DICOM interface enables integration with the devices and systems of any manufacturer

Guaranteed security

The access and exchange of imaging data are in compliance with standards for circulating medical documentation

Comprehensively managed

The whole structure is managed by Comarch TeleRIS, which enables supervision of the transfer of examinations, orders for interpretations, and the levels of access granted to particular users


The system enables any number of units ordering interpretations and describing examinations to be combined

Providing savings

Teleradiology enables radiologists’ working time to be managed more effectively, adapting to their needs

Shortening the waiting time for interpretations

Remote interpretations of the results of imaging examinations facilitates better access to doctors carrying out the interpretations, and to specialist consultants


  • Creating orders for interpretations
  • Automated transfer of examinations or their selected series
  • Comprehensive and configurable worklists for system users
  • Direct transfer to Comarch DICOM Runner image viewer
  • Module for radiologists for report creation, with definable reporting templates 
  • Archiving orders and associated reports 
  • Managing access to the whole system
  • Handling of orders for interpretations and consultations 

Teleradiology powered by Comarch Healthcare

Areas of use

Interpretation centers

Networks of hospitals can organize their own interpretation centers, serving all associated units. Each unit can order interpretations and/or interpret examinations.

Teleradiology for region

Healthcare units in a region can create teleradiological networks aimed at mutual access and exchange of the results of imaging examinations of the patients they serve.

Comarch iMed24 Description Center

Using Comarch Teleradiology system, iMed24 Medical Center offers remote reporting of radiological examinations.

Who can benefit for Comarch Teleradiology?

Comarch Teleradiology brings benefits to small healthcare units, which have only limited or no access to radiological personnel, and to large medical units, which can use teleradiology to better utilize the working time of their radiologists. The system combines any number of healthcare units, and enables the rapid transfer of medical images between those possessing diagnostic equipment and which order interpretations, and a pool of radiologists. The remote reporting of examinations performed 24/7 can help to avoid down time for on-duty specialists, and reduce the running costs of imaging diagnostics departments. 


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