Telecare wristbands by Comarch for the safety of ArcelorMittal Poland employees

As many as 130 employees at ArcelorMittal Poland's coke plant in Zdzieszowice are already using safety wristbands provided by Comarch. These devices help monitor their health status and alert to any deviations from the norm during their daily work. The pilot telemonitoring system could also be introduced at other company locations.

ArcelorMittal, as a socially responsible company, invests not only in environmental activities but also in the health and safety of its employees. Among the company's latest initiatives is the implementation of intelligent telemetry solutions at the Zdzieszowice coke plant. The safety wristbands provided by Comarch detect deteriorations in an employee's health and signal when health or life is at risk. These devices are integrated with the Comarch telecare platform, where measurement results are analyzed accordingly. 

The wristbands are also equipped with a feature that sequentially dials three emergency numbers and provides vibration before a voice message alerting to a pulse loss, a suspected fall, or immobility is delivered. "For Comarch, this is the first project of its kind, which involved adapting the telecare platform to the needs of a non-medical industry client," emphasizes Magdalena Kamińska, Junior Project Manager at Comarch. "The requirements of the industrial sector are entirely different due to the distinct characteristics of users and the environment in which the wristbands operate. For this project, we tailored the platform's language to the non-medical industry requirements. Specifically for ArcelorMittal, we added a function to detect prolonged periods of inactivity. To ensure that the telecare platform could operate effectively in the coke plant, we also extended it with an Asset Tracking system, allowing for wristband location within buildings, where the GPS system may not be sufficient." Collaborating with ArcelorMittal Poland is compelling evidence that, with the right customization, medical products can support workplace safety in non-medical enterprises and are indeed necessary. We look forward to future collaborations of this kind with optimism.

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