Remote Battlefield Medicine Diagnostics

Remote diagnostics has the potential to revolutionize battlefield medicine. Innovative telemedical solutions, such as the Mobile Diagnostic Point, enable immediate medical care for soldiers and civilians on the front lines, thereby improving the accessibility of medical services in challenging conditions.

Armed conflicts, wars and their aftermath significantly impact the stability of the healthcare sector and the availability of healthcare services. In critical situations, soldiers fighting on the front lines and civilians residing in war-affected areas may require urgent assistance and basic diagnostics. However, providing adequate aid is not always feasible or straightforward.

For ordinary citizens, the military forces are often the only trusted source of support. That is why it is crucial for soldiers to be equipped with modern telemedical devices that can enhance access to healthcare in challenging conditions and provide the care that the injured parties need.

Remote diagnostics at your fingertips

During crises or ongoing wars, fast and accurate remote diagnostics are extremely valuable. The Comarch Diagnostic Point, a specialized solution designed to assess health conditions in any, even the most difficult, circumstances, can prove highly useful. It consists of medical software and sensors that allow measuring basic health parameters. The solution is enclosed in a shock-resistant, portablecase, making it better suited for the demanding work conditions of military services.

The measurement results from the diagnostic devices are sent directly to the Comarch e-Care 2.0 telemedical platform (a medical device certified in compliance with EU Regulation 2017/745 (MDR)), accessible to qualified medical personnel. This enables medical support to operate beyond the front line and monitor the results of conducted measurements and tests in real time.

Why is it worth it?

Implementing the mobile version of the Comarch Diagnostic Point in battlefield medicine offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Real-time transmission of test results from certified medical devices straight to the telemedical platform
  • The ability to conduct video consultations with qualified medical personnel (including consultations with psychologists)
  • The capability to share video footage (such as for connecting with a specialist during minor surgical procedures)
  • Intensive supervision (transmission of data concerning basic health parameters, 12-lead ECG)
  • Various communication channels (WiFi, GSM, BLE, etc).
  • The option to choose different power sources

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