E-services and the Problems Faced by Modern Medical Facilities. An Interview with Katarzyna Grzywak-Ptasznik

Are you planning to digitize your medical facility and want to see what mistakes to avoid? Are you wondering which e-services are becoming the most important to patients? We encourage you to read our interview with  Katarzyna Grzywak-Ptasznik, the Deputy CEO of Comarch Healthcare, an experienced manager responsible for the production, consulting, service, and implementation of the HIS-class Comarch Optimed NXT system.

What are the most common problems you see in modern medical facilities during implementations?

First of all, I would like to draw attention to the failure of these facilities to carry out the preparation phase before computerization. By preparation I mean, in particular, defining the goal of computerization in the long term, not just the current contract. 

The preparation phase also involves identifying equipment, process, and cost shortfalls, consciously eliminating processes that are not needed or have not been functioning as they should for a long time, and identifying and eliminating redundant documentation or reports, such as those not required by law. What is also needed is to specifically designate the team (including leaders from each area), meticulously plan process modifications and responsibilities of individual team members, analyze the standardization of medical records in accordance with the current ISO standards across the entire scope of the facility’s operations, and familiarize the staff with implementation and purchasing methods. 

Another problem I often see is poor communication within the facility. Many further problems, which could often be avoided, stem from the lack of defined communication channels. In a way, poor communication can be linked to another problem that is worth noting, namely the failure to listen to the contractor’s guidance that is based on experience and the failure to carry out the tasks indicated by the contractor, such as verification of data and functionalities. 

Which e-service is the most useful to patients and patient-friendly in your opinion?

It depends on the patient. Certainly, everyone wants to be able to contact the facility quickly and efficiently, and receive information regarding their health, which can be achieved through e-registration and access to records. For another group of patients, it is more important to have the comfort of being at home with medical services provided, i.e., the possibility of using all kinds of telemedicine services, in which I personally strongly believe. Please remember about, for example, monitoring chronically ill children, who are certainly better off in their own homes than in hospitals.

When you have some free time outside of work, what do you like to do the most? 

Every morning I take a walk with my dog, which energizes me for the day ahead. I enjoy my garden in the summer - I always say that physical work facilitates mental relaxation. I also enjoy skiing and try to see some new places in Poland and abroad.

What do you consider your biggest success in the field of e-health?

Creating a team that I work with. My professional success is the success of the whole team.

Your dreams and goals for 2023 are...

Professionally: that the next year is at least as good as the previous one.

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