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Cloud-based, innovative solutions are useful not only in business, but also in medicine, the financial sector and e-administration. We are finally becoming aware of the cloud solution benefits – they are being implemented not only by the large global players but also by small family businesses.

The dynamic development and digitization of medical services pose a number of challenges to their owners. Today, medicine is one of the most endangered industries as far as losing access to digital data is concerned. It is also very challenging to provide business continuity (costs of storage data are expected to reach billions of dollars soon). This is one of the reasons why companies are increasingly willing to migrate to the cloud. Cloud-based medical solutions are also offered by Comarch.

Safe cloud solution for healthcare industry

The healthcare industry, from the point of view of an IT service provider, holds a significant amount of information stored in databases: patients' health history, personal data, credit card numbers used to make payments in private clinics. Most of that data must be accessible 24/7 from different clinics and hospitals. Comarch Healthcare solutions, such as Remote Medical Care or Electronic Medical Documentation, are already offered in the cloud model, guaranteeing the highest level of data storage security in one of the Comarch Data Centers, minimizing the risk related to their unauthorized disclosure or loss. In order to meet the client's expectations as well as industry specificity, we have prepared dedicated cloud solutions available in the hybrid or private cloud model, depending on individual needs, location of processing and data storage, or the specifics of the medical software used. In addition, dedicated cloud infrastructure resources serve as computing power that is used to run HIS or EDM software.

The medical sector is very challenging for IT providers: the safe storage of sensitive documentation and archiving of information about patients. The specifics of the healthcare industry are also associated with full availability, regardless of place and time. Therefore, Comarch offers comprehensive cloud solutions, based on the Comarch Enterprise Cloud platform. The service is addressed to all medical facilities, regardless of their size. We can guarantee the highest availability and savings compared to other classic solutions available on the market – says Piotr Piątosa, President of Comarch Healthcare.

Medical data storage

All medical facilities, from the smallest clinics to huge multi-profile hospitals, function in a continuous, non-stop mode. Keeping electronic medical records requires 24/7 availability. In addition, as one of the few, this sector stores and processes data with the highest degree of sensitivity and providing information with the right level of security is regulated by law. Lack of safety and privacy are the two main problems faced by medical service providers when choosing a cloud solution. To overcome these concerns, healthcare organizations have to choose a reliable cloud service provider that works in full compliance with applicable laws.

Comarch Enterprise Cloud Platform

Thanks to Comarch Enterprise Cloud Platform medical data storage, you gain a level of security and accessibility completely unachievable for a small and medium medical facility, and difficult to obtain and requiring huge investments in a large hospital. It is worth emphasizing that Comarch is a provider of both cloud infrastructure and products dedicated to the Healthcare industry. This close cooperation between Comarch ICT and Healthcare creates a coherent private cloud offer, which can be a comprehensive solution for both private hospitals and the public health care sector. An additional advantage of the solution is the ability to store large amounts of medical data as long-term archives.

Comarch Healthcare solution is based on the CECP platform (Comarch Enterprise Cloud Platform) available in the XaaS model and OpenSource solutions. This way, we are able to guarantee our clients high availability of services (SLA) with 30% savings compared to traditional solutions (based on dedicated local server rooms in hospitals) available on the market.
The development of medicine and market conditions more and more often force healthcare entities to look for comprehensive solutions that allow, along with the purchase of software, also for secure data storage with a fast access to the accumulated resources. At the same time, the type and specifics of data produced by medical facilities pose them with challenges related to their protection or provision of a storage place. Comarch, with its own CECP platform, is able to propose a solution based on a private medical cloud, meeting strict security standards and ensuring the highest standards of service and continuity of services - says Daniel Harłacz, Comarch Enterprise Cloud Product Manager.


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