Accessible Telemedicine: Medical Screenings While Shopping

The relentless march of modern technology has bestowed upon us the daily benefits of digitization, even in the realm of healthcare. Just imagine the convenience of undergoing essential medical screenings without the need to visit a healthcare facility, perhaps while you're out grocery shopping or perusing a shopping mall. Thanks to Comarch's Diagnostic Point, it's now a reality.

When you think about regular preventive care and health maintenance, a shopping mall isn't typically the first place that comes to mind. While many stores stock products aimed at promoting overall health and well-being, it's rare that they offer immediate access to medical examinations. Enter Comarch's Diagnostic Point, a solution for a diverse range of retail spaces from shopping kiosks to multi-level malls. It's the perfect option for local communities and visitors alike, enabling them to tend to their health without the hassle of scheduling appointments. They bypass potential queues and waiting times, and can see a healthcare provider armed with the results of our basic tests.

Discover the world of Comarch's Diagnostic Point

Comarch Diagnostic Point is an amalgamation of sensors and software that facilitates the measurement of fundamental user health parameters. Inside the package, you'll find tools such as an ECG event monitor, a pulse oximeter, a thermometer, a blood pressure monitor, and a set of scales equipped with a body composition analyzer.

Navigating through the testing process is incredibly straightforward. An intuitive and user-friendly mobile application serves as your guide throughout. The recorded data will be transmitted directly to the Comarch e-Care 2.0 platform (a medical device certified to comply with EU Regulation 2017/745 (MDR)), where it undergoes thorough analysis. In no time, a comprehensive report of your examination lands in your inbox.

What makes it so valuable?

Introducing a Diagnostic Point in a shopping mall brings an array of benefits: it enhances the well-being of customers, bolsters the image of the establishment, and can even boost sales for the store owner. The presence of a Diagnostic Point in the mall sends a clear message – we prioritize the health and safety of our patrons, encouraging them to embrace a healthier lifestyle and take charge of their well-being. You can also leverage this message effectively in your promotional efforts.

To further incentivize customers to partake in preventive screenings at the Diagnostic Point, you can offer them incentives that can simultaneously drive up your sales figures. After completing a test, users receive a report with their results – including discount codes redeemable at stores within the shopping mall, or pertinent marketing information. The possibilities are numerous.

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