What is IAM DRACO?

Thanks to DRACO you can grant access, authorize, authenticate and manage access to applications, devices, and crucial data. Comarch DRACO can be easily adapted to any requirements of organizations of various structures and localizations.

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Comarch IAM DRACO is an identity and access management tool that provides control over access to company’s or organization’s applications. This solution offers the best managing methods which comply with security standards.

IAM DRACO Chosen Features

role based access control

Role-based access control

single sign-on

Single Sign-On

user authentication

Multi-factor user authentication

session manager

Session Management

IAM DRACO Authentication Methods


∎   Static and masked passwords

   Smartcards and smartTokens ( tPro Family ↗)

∎   Software tokens ( tPro Mobile ↗)

   Biometrics devices

Example Uses of IAM DRACO


∎   Adjusting role & access permissions

∎   Granting remote access to company’s it resources

∎   Delegating privileges

"Comarch Identity and Access Manager system is used by around ten thousand users, both employees and clients."

Maciej Kułacz, Director Of Transfer Services

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