What is Comarch IAM DRACO?

The growing complexity of company structures and increasing number of applications used in companies have led to the situation, in which user management is a really time-consuming and complicated task. The company can solve that problem by centralized identity and access management, i.e. by employing secure tools and devices for administrators and users to minimize both human efforts and errors.

Comarch Identity and Access Manager DRACO is a solution that provides world-class methods for user’s authentication, authorization and management. It provides control over access to company’s or organization’s applications. This solution offers the best managing methods which comply with security standards. Its modular architecture allows for adapting to specific needs and types of organizations including these hierarchically and geographically dispersed.

Comarch IAM DRACO Chosen Features


role based access control

Role-based access control

single sign-on

Single Sign-On

user authentication

Multi-factor user authentication

session manager

Session Management

How does Comarch IAM DRACO work?

Comarch Identity and Access Manager DRACO identifies, authenticates and authorizes users with the use of five methods:

 Static and masked passwords

 One-time-password tokens: mobile and hardware (tPro Family ↗)

∎ SmartTokens, smart cards, including crypto microSD

 Biometric identity (fingerprints)

 Elliptic curves mechanisms 

What are the benefits?

 Reflects the company’s organizational structure

 Manages user and device identities in a large number of IT systems Integrates with various applications,

 Integrates with various applications, devices and operating systems

 Supports both third-parties and Comarch own authentication devices

 Offers full control over the entire R&D process as well as SW design and development

Comarch Identity and Access Manager DRACO may be used for adjusting role & access permissions, granting remote access to company’s it resources and delegating privileges. 

Learn more about benefits:

 Provides a centralized and efficient access control policy

 Provides Single Sign-On

 Offers group and role-based access control (RBAC) mechanisms

Our Reference Clients


"For one of the platform modules, Comarch provided Comarch Identity and Access Manager on a micro-scale version, which is used to manage users accounts and their privileges. The implementation was a success. The project was finished within the allotted time and stayed within budget. Comarch employees displayed a high level of professionalism, deep knowledge, reliability and commitment to the implementation of the requirements of BNP Paribas Fortis."


Przemysław Górecki
Manager of Electronic Distribution Channels Group at BNP Paribas Fortis


"The implementation of Comarch Identity and Access Manager was finalized successfully. The project was finished within the allotted time and stayed within budget. After the implementation, Comarch provided full service and assistance for the Comarch Identity and Access Manager system, which comply with the highest standards. Moreover, new features are being introduced in the system. Comarch Identity and Access Manager system is used by around ten thousand users, both employees and clients."


Maciej Kułacz
Director Of Transfer Services at Bank Zachodni WBK


"The process of Comarch Identity and Access Manager implementation has been finalized successfully. The project has been completed within agreed timeframe and in accordance with the adopted budget. Comarch employees showed a high level of professionalism, deep knowledge, integrity and commitment to the demands of Erste Bank Ukraine." 


Andny Begunov
Head of Organization & IT Implementation Division at Erste Bank Ukraine

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