Network Slicing

Comarch AI-Powered Network Slicing: an Innovative Solution for the Dynamic Needs of Telecommunications Networks

Comarch Network Slicing is a comprehensive tool that enables the harmonization and automation of creating, delivering, and maintaining isolated fragments of telecommunications networks (slices). It works independently of the diverse solutions of various hardware vendors used in a given network, enabling subnetwork administrators to provide services without the need for specialized knowledge of network infrastructure operation. It helps integrate telecommunications and IT systems, facilitating adaptation to the changing needs of end users. It also allows efficient physical and virtualized resource management in hybrid networks.

The solution helps experts from the strategic planning stage of network partitioning. It creates types or templates designed to meet the needs of specific user groups. It allows the creation of a slice of a larger network belonging to a service provider, which will operate under different parameters than the rest of the network. Access to a given slice is intended for closed groups of users.

Once the different types have been identified, our product enables the operator to plan the resources required to separate a specific type of subnetwork. Comarch Network Slicing assists in allocating the necessary resources from the existing network for the service provider. If there are no available resources, it requests the missing elements. This support is fully automated through machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. For high-availability slices, the essential elements needed to ensure such capabilities are identified and prioritized over existing slices and other services that use shared resources. The deep automation of the system also allows quick and efficient modification of the parameters of a given slice without incurring additional costs.

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Benefits of implementing Comarch AI-Powered Network Slicing:

Complex automation supported by artificial intelligence

Based on artificial intelligence and machine learning methods, planning process automation, resource allocation, and making changes to existing network slices ensures process continuity without human intervention.

Optimal infrastructure sharing

Equitable cooperation between service providers operating in the same geographic area by creating common subnetworks to optimize costs and achieve common goals, such as reducing the carbon footprint of individual providers.

Full control through the implementation of process policies

By collecting priorities and practices in the form of policies, the operation of artificial intelligence systems can be adapted to users' needs in a matter of moments.

Service execution based on network models

Service launch is based on existing slice models and their parameters. If there are insufficient resources, a service with other parameters and/or a deadline for delivery of the target service may be proposed once resources are replenished.

Flexible operation

Support for complex systems of priorities and handling practices with dynamic parameters for defining relationships between multiple subnetworks and other existing services. Comarch and third-party integrators can implement the solution according to the individual needs of CSAP operators.

Ease of use

Slicing administrators can modify resource boundary parameters independently, even without experience in managing telecommunications systems.

Cooperation with legacy and virtual systems

The Comarch Network Slicing product provides an open platform to facilitate the integration of existing service provider systems with dedicated third-party solutions through standardized interfaces and open digital architecture.

Smooth assurance of service continuity

In maintaining service continuity, Comarch Network Slicing assists in finding replacement allocations and resolving conflicts per policies on service parameters and costs.

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