Keen to move away from price-based competition and create unique identities in the market, mobile operators are embracing Customer Experience Management (CEM) as a key differentiator, however there still are major differences between where the organizations are today and where they would like to be in the future.

Comarch releases the results of a survey conducted on European telecoms that aimed to measure the aspirations and ideals associated with Customer Experience Management against the market reality. The survey revealed there is a gap between the aspirations and reality: Though the majority of CSPs claim their companies put CEM at the heart of operations, 43% operators have no integrated CEM programme in place and 23.5% have no established timeframe for the introduction of such programme. In addition to that CEM means different things to different people.

The survey was conducted for Comarch by an analyst firm, Intelligence.

Key findings from the survey commissioned by Comarch include:

  • 43 % of respondents said they have no integrated CEM programme in place
  • BUT More than 75 % of respondents said that their company has a strategy in place that puts CEM at the heart of end-to-end operations for all departments 
  • 23.5 % have no established timeframe for the introduction of such a programme
  • 11.1 % of them did not know whether their company had an end-to-end CEM strategy in place
  • 27.5 % of respondents said their companies are only applying CEM strategies to enterprise and high spend customers
  • 29.4 % claims CEM is only limited to quality of service
  • 49% of the respondents admit to facing inability to align their technical view of the network with the influence on customer experience

- In order to provide seamless customer experience, operators need to gather and analyze as much information on their customers as possible, and then translate it into visible actions that can directly influence the satisfaction of their clients, says Piotr Machnik, VP Product Management and Marketing at Comarch.

- Data such as billing, service / call usage, customer behaviour and profile are no longer enough to understand what level of customer experience is being delivered to each subscriber, and how to improve it. Today it is clear that without the help of information from network management systems the picture is far from being full, Machnik adds.

One of the revelations of this survey was how frequently the ‘I don’t know’ response was selected. The survey uncovered some fundamental gaps in awareness: 7.1 % of respondents did not know how to categorise their company’s involvement in CEM, 10.3 % of respondents did not know which C-level executive has ultimate responsibility for CEM in their organisation and 11.1 % of respondents did knot know whether their company had an end-to-end CEM strategy in place.

Download the full report at:

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