New technologies call for new ways of thinking from communication service providers (CSPs) that wish to maximize the opportunities presented by the digital transformation in their industry.

Speed and agility in responding to constantly changing and more sophisticated customer demands are the key to a successful transformation from telecom operator to digital service provider. Networks must evolve to operate and adapt faster and more efficiently, bringing innovation to a level that puts the customer unquestionably first and gives them a truly personalized service and experience.

On the one hand, this transformation needs to be based on network technology. NVF/SDN give CSPs the freedom to experiment with digital services, especially in connection with enterprise customers or machine to machine (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IOT). Closely linked to this is the shift from the physical to the virtual realms – meaning virtualization by moving BSS/OSS tools to the cloud to speed up operations.

On the other hand, CSPs must recognize and respond to a crucial change in the way that customers buy services. Nowadays, every stage of the customer journey is likely to take place online, making omnichannel sales and marketing a must in order to help them find information, compare services and shop in a seamless and consistent manner – even if they switch between across devices and sales channels.

But network technology and omnichannel count for nothing without information – which is where comprehensive, real-time data analytics comes into play. The ability to interrogate data effectively lets CSPs offer a personalized services to individual subscribers and, for example, M2M customers, the latter of whom could require truly tailored services in order to maximize revenue.

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