Comarch, an end-to-end OSS/BSS software vendor was named as one of the “vendors to watch” in a report on bridging the customer experience gap, recently published by a renowned analyst company, Gartner.

Currently, constant improvement of customer experience remains one of telecommunication operators’ highest priorities and a way to retain existing subscribers and attract new ones, based on user recommendations. However, Gartner’s research Market Trends: OSS and BSS Are Bridging the Customer Experience Gap finds that most CSPs do not manage customer experience in a holistic and proactive way.

The report recommends that telecom operators get a correlated, customer-centric view across network, device and service layer, thus gaining a holistic assessment of customer experience and an ability to take proactive measures to improve quality of service. Gartner points out that through synchronizing CEM activities across the IT, networking and commercial departments, this approach enables operators to get a comprehensive customer view and to proactively manage customer perceived quality of service (QoS).

The analysts perceive Comarch Customer Experience Management, that is built on OSS service assurance and BSS/customer management domain, as a comprehensive solution that combines all domains related to CEM: network, IT, marketing and customer management.

CEM is a broad term and the right approach to it must assume a holistic view of the customer. This requires combining information traditionally managed in the  CRM system with pro-active capabilities of network and service assurance that can detect network problems impacting customer services.  This is why pre-integration of traditionally split BSS and OSS functions is needed to allow CSPs to make sure that even low-level technical processes contribute to improved customer satisfaction and customer experience. – says Łukasz Mendyk, OSS Product Manager at Comarch.

Recently, Comarch also presented a vision of Customer Experience Management based on bridging the gap between OSS and BSS, which is in line with Gartner’s recommendations. The approach is presented in Łukasz Mendyk’s white paper: Moving from network assurance to customer service assurance. A different view on SQM, fault management and performance management.  

The report can be downloaded from Gartner’s website:

Market Trends: OSS and BSS Are Bridging the Customer Experience Gap

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