Entering the digital era means that telecom companies need to adjust the way they are organized and operate, and adapt their IT architectures to meet the new challenges that their business is facing.

That is why we have prepared an eBook, entitled 7 Milestones of Digital Transformation, in which CSPs can find the answers to burning questions regarding successful digital transformation.

This eBook is a compendium of knowledge from our 2016 campaign called The Milestones of Digital Transformation, and sums up the seven areas to which it is crucial that telecom businesses pay close attention if they are to succeed in the digital world.

  1. How BSS transformation can make your business more agile and how to execute this process successfully?
  2. How to adopt a pro-active approach to customer experience management and improve Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)?
  3. Why quality needs to be addressed in the M2M / IoT services?
  4. How to implement truly SON-oriented OSS?
  5. How to make the a telecom company network merger & acquisition process most efficient and cost-efficiently consolidate two networks?
  6. How adopting the NFV/SDN technology enables telecom companies to experiment with new services in a ‘fail fast’ kind of way?
  7. What are the benefits of implementing an omnichannel strategy?

Explore our free eBook for more information related to digital transformation, featuring white papers and videos.

You can download the eBook by clicking here

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