Comarch has developed a cloud-based mobile application for remote control of home lightning for UPnP Forum. UPnP Forum, a standardization organization developing connected home technologies presented the application to Brazilian industry participants during a meeting in Sao Paulo in January 2014. The application will be used for promoting the UPnP Cloud Architecture standard, and Comarch is the first vendor who has developed an application compliant with this standard.

The use case scenario of the application includes remote controlling and steering of home lighting. Let’s imagine you are comfortably sitting on your couch about to watch a movie. Just when it starts, you notice that one of the lights in the room is reflecting on the screen and you can’t see properly. It is influencing your watching experience, so you take your smartphone and with the application for light control you choose the perfect lighting for your living room. You can control the lighting in your home not only while you’re in it, but also when you’re out. If on your way to work you recall that you left some lights on, you can easily switch them off remotely, using the application. 

- Comarch’s expertise in the area of mobility and application development has already been proved by our organization together with their ability to quickly execute projects. That’s why we have chosen them as a partner for introducing cloud technologies to the connected home. The light control application will enable us to further develop and exploit cloud technology to raise the standard for the connected digital home, says Scott Lofgren, President and Chairman, UPnP Forum.

- Comarch has vast experience in connectivity and cloud technologies. We have developed numerous applications for industry organizations and consumer electronics manufacturers, who use them to enhance the customer experience for end users. The 'Internet of Things’ is a revolution that has already started and cannot be stopped. Comarch wants to be part of this momentum, and we have the knowledge and the resources, including our own data center, to get involved in the development of cloud-based, digital services, says Grzegorz Kafel, Consulting Manager, Comarch.

In 2013 UPnP Forum recognized Comarch with Outstanding Contribution Awards. Comarch received two awards. One was given to Grzegorz Kafel for his continued involvement in UPnP Forum activities, including the organization’s task forces, as well as the promotion of UPnP technology within other industry organizations. Comarch as a company was also recognized for its proactive attitude that resulted in going far beyond the agreed scope of work.

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