In 2009 the Comarch Group achieved extremely positive financial results. The highest growth was realized in the areas of mobile networks transformation towards NGN and convergence in communications.

2009 also brought significant growth in sales to the telecommunication, media and IT sector (an increase of 7.83 million EURO, i.e. 29.5 % compared to the previous year). Projects initiated in 2008 for operators such as Polkomtel SA. Poland, OnePhone Germany, T-Mobile International, Vodafone d2 Germany, E-Plus Germany and 6GMOBILE, Netherlands played a significant part in achieving such favorable results.

It is worth noting that in 2009 the Comarch Group attained an increase in revenue despite the economic slowdown and a decrease in the demand for IT products and services. These occurrences were particularly noticeable in sales of hardware and third party software. In comparison to 2008, the Group’s revenue from sales of computer hardware decreased by 59.9 %, and sales of third party software fell by 30.5 %, which falls into line with analyst predictions.

- With the intent of increasing the operating margin in 2010, the Group will continue a policy of employment stabilization at the current level, balanced costs reduction as well as augmenting operating effectiveness. Comprehensive cooperation with our customers will benefit from commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions that are customized to suit specific and demanding telecom environments and additional businesses we are focused on entering, – states Piotr Piatosa, VP Telecommunications, Member of the Board, Comarch S.A.

Furthermore, according to the prognosis that “The World goes mobile”, Comarch's global mobile software services, including bespoke software architecture, design, implementation and many more, have a strategic importance with regard to the growth of the company.

The encouraging financial results achieved throughout 2009 confirm the effectiveness of the Group's strategy – one that is based on:

  • The sale of IT solutions, most of which are developed in-house
  • The retail of an increasing number of products on international markets, particularly in Western Europe
  • The stable enhancement of operational performance through the ongoing improvement of procedures and cost rationalization.

In 2009, Comarch Group export sales increased dynamically by 116.6 % compared to 2008. The share of these in total sales reached 43.7 % compared to 21 % in the previous year.

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