Comarch announces a new solution for mobile operators – Comarch Next Generation Network Planning - which provides support for activities related to the planning and management of mobile networks. It enables simplification and automation of network operation, delivering Self-Organizing Network (SON) capabilities to your doorstep.

Comarch Next Generation Network Planning is a multi-vendor and multi-technology solution for planning and managing a mobile network including radio, transport and the core network. The heart of the NGNP solution is Comarch Process-Driven Inventory with flexible process management and the automation engine, which enables automation of network operation. Comarch Next Generation Network Planning also includes such functionalities as network auto-discovery & reconciliation, network provisioning, geographical visualization and reporting.

- As the number of technologies, vendors and elements in a network increases, so does the cost and effort involved with network planning and management. Network complexity combined with strong OPEX reduction forces operators to change the way they operate their networks. The manual work that is required needs to be significantly reduced while network planning and optimization should become as automated as possible. Automation and self-organization will become even more important when LTE is introduced to current 2G/3G/HSPA networks – explains Piotr Machnik, EVP, Product Management & Marketing, Telecommunications Business Unit, Comarch SA.

Comarch Next Generation Network Planning enables simplification and automation of network operation through the integration of planning and optimization, configuration management and network provisioning functionalities. This allows for quickly integrating new network elements and implementing configuration changes to the network. By means of task automation many manual activities can be avoided and operational efficiency can be increased. As a result, mobile operators will be able to speed up network rollouts and upgrades and shorten service introduction time. This will allow them to keep pace with technology and market dynamics and to stay ahead of the competition.

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