This year’s edition of the Comarch BSS/OSS Workshops will be held in Düsseldorf on the 6th of October, in Bonn on the 7th of October, in Vienna on the 13th of October and in Bern on the 15th of October and is dedicated to current customers and potential clients.

The event is organized in order to provide an opportunity for networking between experts representing the communications industry and to develop new solutions aligned with more and less common challenges together. The workshops will also be an efficient platform for exchanging experiences and shedding new light on the following hot topics: optimizing operations costs through implementing modern inventory software with integrated process quality management, challenges in the area of CRM/customer service & support, introducing customer-centric service assurance, innovative application of ontologies in OSS, performance data visualization and aggregation as well as real-time revenue assurance in wholesale.

Comarch has a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that have evolved over the past 16 years basing on the demands specified by customers for best responding to the current market needs and becoming even more efficient tools for CSPs’ businesses. Workshop attendees will be able to define clear-cut requirements and new challenges and in turn drive the development of our offering.

- Comarch experts along with leading regional and international operators will be discussing current business models and potential improvements of business processes to achieve synergies across operations. Novel trends and challenges are certain to emerge during the discussion that will foster future cooperation and offer developments ensuring cost cutting and business agility on the operator’s side. - says Piotr Piatosa, VP Telecommunications, Member of the Board, Comarch SA.

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