Comarch, a global provider of IT business solutions and system integrator has been evaluated in a recent report issued by a renowned analyst company, Gartner. Comarch M2M Platform was assessed aside three other leading vendors of connectivity platforms.

Based on market trend studies and feedback from major industry players, “The Competitive Landscape report: M2M Platform and Software Providers for CSPs, 2012” analyzes the current situation of CSPs searching for new revenue opportunities on the M2M services market. The report points out huge potential of this growing market and highlights diverse strategies CSPs can adopt to build their leading competitive position. Analyst findings stay in line with Comarch’s M2M vision presented in a white paper published earlier this year “How to make the most of your M2M platform”

Comarch is placed in the report as one of the four leading providers of M2M platforms for telecom operators. Report’s authors Kamlesh Bhatia and King-Yew Foong highlight Comarch M2M Platform as a complete connectivity platform, pre-integrated with implementation services. Comarch M2M offering was developed on a basis of multi-industry experience which helps better understand the specifics of various industry verticals that are addressed by CSPs in their M2M business line.    

Comarch M2M Platform is an end-to-end solution supporting mobile operators in entering and succeeding in the M2M market, by enabling them to provide intelligent M2M connectivity. The solution meets the key needs of telecoms: bulk process automation, specialized user management, open access to the M2M connectivity, M2M VAS enablement, policy driven charging and multiparty billing.

“Machine to Machine Communication (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly becoming an important market segment that can entail additional revenues for communication service providers and attract new types of customers – users of future telecom services. We believe that new business models like B2B and B2B2C ecosystems with multi-partner value chains and all-IP services can’t be managed in the old-fashioned style, typical for OSS/BSS silos. We invest a lot in R&D in the IoT domain, so it’s very important that our innovative approach to M2M connectivity management receives recognition from such a distinguished analyst company as Gartner.” – says Piotr Machnik, EVP, Product Management & Marketing, Telecommunications Business Unit.

The report can be downloaded from Gartner’s website:

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