Comarch signed a comprehensive contract with Telefonia DIALOG, one of the biggest independent telecom service providers in Poland for the provisioning, installation and implementation of a service platform based on class 5 Soft Switches.

Thanks to this new platform, Telefonia DIALOG will also be able to offer voice services via VoIP technology, and will have the option of launching a number of novel services that have not been available until now, such as hosted PBX, SIP Trunking, VAS, audio/video connections or conference calls, also in the workgroup model. Comarch’s platform guarantees the availability of services from any location or device, based on a broad range of access types (VoDSL, ETTx, PON, WiMAX, WiFi, etc.).

- The implementation, launching and integration of the BroadWorks platform by Comarch will not only provide us with new functionalities, but will also guarantee the effective execution of all procedures while maintaining the project’s high quality requirements. We strive to deliver services of the highest standard to our customers, while adding new functionalities to our offer continuously. Using a convergent platform will enable us to implement novel services for individual and corporate customers, as well as lower the cost of the services that we already offer –  States Krzysztof Dziedzic, Proxy, Plenipotentiary of the Board for Technology, Telefonia DIALOG.

- The area of VoIP-based services augmented to our offer for communications service providers is of particular strategic importance to Comarch. Thanks to this addition to our solution portfolio, we are able to carry out the transformation of TDM networks to IP networks, while at the same time providing support for traditional and next generation services, with robust assistance from our BSS and OSS products – highlights Piotr Piątosa, Director of the Telecommunications Business Unit, VP and Member of the Board, Comarch SA.

The contract signed between Telefonia DIALOG and Comarch also encompasses integration of the platform with Telefonia DIALOG’s existing tools, including customer service systems and a billing platform, which is also provided by Comarch. Additionally, Comarch provides the warranty and post-warranty service, technical support and training for Telefonia DIALOG employees, as well as the development of the platform in the future.

The project also involved business partners such as BroadSoft, Acme Packet and AudioCodes.

Telefonia DIALOG SA

DIALOG telecom (est. 1997) is one of the biggest independent telecommunications operators in Poland, supplying fixed-line telephony, broadband Internet and innovative multimedia services (digital television and movies on demand), as well as providing cellular services under its Diallo brand.

In 2009, Telefonia DIALOG received additional financing for the implementation of innovative services based on passive optical network (PON) technology, within the framework of the Operational Program – Innovative Economy: Operation 4.4, which will take place between 2010 and 2012. Thanks to this project, which encompasses over seventy thousand households in cities such as Wrocław, Zielona Góra, and Łódź, DIALOG will be able to provide ultra-fast Internet access, digital television, and innovative multimedia services, all delivered to the customers’ houses directly with the use of fiber optic cables. It is the most extensive project of its kind in Poland, and one of the largest in Europe. The total cost of the project has been estimated at almost 56 million zloty. The EU is subsidizing 40 percent of the project, bringing in a total of 22.2 million zloty.

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