Comarch concluded the last phase of a WiMAX project at Promonte, the prime GSM mobile service provider in Montenegro. The project introduces global activity taken within Telenor Group’s – “Internet to the people”, taking advantage of the combination of up to date technologies like 3GHSPA, WiMAX and WiFi.

The project focuses on three areas: construction of the WiMAX transport network, installation of access to WiFi infrastructure and core equipment (OSS/BSS systems, routing & switching). The construction of the WiMAX network included delivery and installation of WiMAX base stations in 7 major cities of the country. The range of the network was further extended by building WiFi access infrastructure in main tourist locations (hotels areas, busy squares). In the areas not covered by WiMAX technology, access will be ensured using integrated WiFi over UMTS transport. The last stage of the project includes installation of OSS/BSS systems and core routing/switching equipment.

- Our project is unique (from the perspective of a software house and system integrator) as it requires not only the delivery of applications enabling services and subscriber control, but also the construction of the entire WiMAX network infrastructure. Completion of this first project phase was not an easy task, taking into consideration the strict – less than three month schedule imposed by Promonte. The project demands from both of the companies an extremely high devotion to task fulfillment in order to keep the scheduled deadlines. Its successful start was possible thanks to the endeavors and close cooperation between Comarch’s engineers, Telenor R&I experts and Promonte’s professional staff. We are very pleased to see Promonte launching modern technology in the region and allowing more and more people to use internet without any obstacles. - says Piotr Piątosa, VP Telecommunications, Comarch SA.

Comarch's commitment to network construction, empowered by the easy and quick to deploy Comarch Compact Billing System, enabled Promonte to launch the first phase of the country-wide WiMAX project in Montenegro. Within just two and a half months Comarch has built the network infrastructure and has integrated BSS systems, which has enabled launching the first Internet services in the major cities of Montenegro (Podgorica and the largest holiday resorts at the seaside) by using WiMAX technology. This in turn allows Promonte’s subscribers as well as tourists visiting Montenegro to take advantage of fast internet services in the most active places in the region.

The network enables several types of access with different service qualities, including business, residential access types as well as guest access. Guest access is provided by different payment scenarios, including scratch cards and by premium SMS.

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