Visit Comarch’s 5G LAB to see the network in action

In the lab created as a result of the cooperation of Comarch and IS-Wireless, all the elements of the network and software are presented, constituting a miniature network implemented in 5G technology, based on Open RAN standards. To demonstrate the possibility of organizing such a network and the possibility of cost optimization of the installation of the Core domain was realized in Cloud. This is also a significant advantage for smaller enterprises. The radio part is provided by IS-Wireless. Higher management layers are provided by Comarch, but are based on the same openness to changes.

Open RAN architecture

Let’s discover the features that make 5G innovative

  • COMPLETE they contain all the elements necessary for the provision of telecommunications services
  • OPEN based on standards, with open interfaces, ready to work in Open RAN networks
  • FLEXIBLE with an option to scale up the network
  • INTEROPERABLE allowing testing of hardware/software cooperation possibilities, and even defining the advantages and disadvantages of interoperability between elements from different vendors
  • INDEPENDENT in the area of software controlling infrastructure elements and maximizing the use of equipment capabilities to meet the expectations of service users, including the availability of measurement data, performance analysis, reporting, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • TRANSPARENT it enables the acquisition of real data in error recovery systems, testing the possibility of cooperation with analytical systems, obtaining various types of data from the system
  • ECONOMICALLY in selecting the appropriate scale of the system and manage
  • EFFICIENT them depending on needs

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