Remote Nursing

Remote Nursing supports the care of the dependent patient, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The technology used permits care to be planned and the security of the person under care to be monitored, by, for example, ensuring telephone contact with their caretaker.  Additionally, it also allows a wide range of life and health parameters to be monitored. This comprehensive service enables care to be provided for an elderly person when their state requires permanent supervision, or when such a person is at home alone. Above all, it boosts their sense of security and feeling of being cared for. The service also supports their family, caretakers, and assistants. Contact with rescue workers is initiated when the SOS button on a device is pressed, or when parameters for vital signs reach a level that triggers an automatic alarm. The rescue worker can then alert a physician, or immediately call an ambulance.  Video links permit remote rehabilitation and assistance from dieticians or psychologists. The devices are ergonomic and easy to operate, so can be used by the person in need of care, or, if there is a high degree of dependence, by their family members, caretaker, assistant, or staff in care centers or nursing homes.



  • Interdisciplinary scope
  • Complete nursing outside the hospital environment
  • Comfort for the user
  • Easy and simple operation of devices
  • Contact and 24-hour assistance for patients' caretakers


Examples of the application of Remote Nursing:



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