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Comarch DICOM Runner

A web based viewer for medical images saved as DICOM files. The web technologies enable the viewer to be used anywhere, as no installation is necessary. It can be used as a separate tool for viewing images from CDs/DVDs and other media or can be integrated with other hospital systems (HIS, RIS) in order to provide a quick access to radiological images stored in local or remote PACS.

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Comarch DICOM Runner - try web-based viewer for radiological images

Comarch Dicom Runner

Explore free version of the solution
(Google Chrome is a required web browser)

Comarch medNote

A modern application for managing any doctor's office. Presents medical records in accessible manner, provides necessary information about patients, and reduces time spent on formalities to the minimum. The system enables user to issue prescriptions orders, referrals, and other medical documents easily.

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Comarch medNote - portable solution, which provides EHR

Comarch medNote (DEMO)

Explore demo version of the solution

Comarch Holter

Comarch Holter is an application for analyzing and management of ECG records. Thanks to the application, medical personnel manage the process of patient care, including analysis of test results, patient data, and available resources.

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Comarch Holter - application for ECG results managment

Comarch Holter (DEMO)

Explore demo version of the solution

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