Comarch, a global software provider, commissioned a white paper on the role of OSS systems in ensuring a seamless customer experience for mobile subscribers. The white paper was delivered by Stratecast, a division of Frost & Sullivan, based on research done on telecom operators worldwide.

The document is not just another repetitive take on the customer experience issue. It presents the topic from a different viewpoint - instead of focusing on customer-facing functions, it shows you how the key to customer satisfaction can be found deep inside the network. The aim was to show that technical aspects of telecom businesses are closer to business than they are traditionally perceived.

The white paper lists four OSS functions that, when focused on the customer, deliver differentiation while helping CSPs control costs. It explains what changes have to be performed in OSS ecosystems to support current telecom business priorities and depicts how to feed the OSS with the customer's perception of the services. The main areas for improvement that the white paper points out lie in changing the approach to assurance, fulfillment, network upgrades and capacity management processes.

Nancee Ruzicka, Senior Research Analyst at Stratecast, who is the author of the report sees "systems that activate, monitor and manage the quality of products used by customers on a daily basis as the key to building and maintaining a solid customer relationship".

The last chapter of the document describes how Comarch helps operators increase customer experience based on Comarch's implementation for MTS Russia.

The paper is part of Comarch’s recently launched campaign that concentrates on refocusing OSS on the customer.

For a free copy of the paper and more resources go to

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