Krakow, 27th Oct 2015Comarch, a provider of complete IT solutions for telecoms, announced today that it signed a research and development partner with Inatel, the National Institute of Communications of Brazil. Comarch, who has recently entered the Brazilian market and opened an office in Sao Paulo, proposed a cooperation model not only for project development, but also for the recruitment of Inatel’s most talented students.

Initially, nine students of the 8th, 9th and 10th periods of Telecommunications Engineering and Computer Engineering courses were selected to be part of the team, working with the assistance of the Inatel Competence Center experts to structure an operations support system (OSS) for an important client.

Mario Ferreira, Assistant Manager for Continuing Education at Inatel, says: “It is a project that will take 15 weeks and can be optionally extended, depending on the results achieved by the participants. There is also the intention to continue the project by opening new classes”.

For Carlos Eduardo Rocha, Device Library Supervisor at Comarch, this type of partnership enables an exchange of experiences among stakeholders. “For students, it will be an opportunity to become acquainted with the telecom equipment and the whole structure in the broadcast area at the heart of an operator. For us, it’s a chance to build a team of people willing to learn and rely on Inatel’s support laboratories and physical space”, he said. For Mr. Rocha, Comarch’s roots as a university-based company remain important, as the organization still believes implicitly in working with educational institutions.

He added: “We chose Inatel because it is an institution that is a benchmark in telecommunications in Brazil, it is close to São Paulo, and the services that it offers to the market are of very good quality”.

Student Sarah Batista Chagas, in the 10th period of her Computer Engineering course, was selected to join the team and saw in the project a chance to secure her first job.

“It's a big responsibility to be part of this project, because its continuation will depend on our performance. I intend to dedicate a lot of my efforts to getting hired, and to giving other students the opportunity to participate”, she said.

The project was launched on August 24 and will be developed over the next months in Inatel. In the first week, students undertook training led by business professionals from the company.

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About Inatel

Inatel is short for Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações, the National Institute of Communications of Brazil. The Institute is located on a 75,000 m2 campus in Santa Rita do Sapucaí in southern Minas Gerais. Founded in 1965, it specializes in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications education and research. As of 2007, Inatel's monthly tuition was 950 reais, and about 5,000 students had graduated from the school. The Institute sponsors the biennial International Workshop on Telecommunications held in odd-numbered years in Rio de Janeiro. Researchers at Inatel publish and review technical papers for international conferences. For more information, e-mail Marina Lidiane de Aro:

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