In response to the latest requirements of modern businesses, Comarch has broadened its Mobile Solutions and Services portfolio with services related to the commercial implementation of Nokia Data Gathering. Comarch will be able to provide data support to all organizations searching for support in setting up and maintaining Nokia Data Gathering.

Nokia Data Gathering is open source solution which enables data collection and delivery for analysis in real time through the use of mobile phones. Compared to traditional forms of data collection, such as paper forms, Nokia Data Gathering offers a faster and more effective method, especially when time, cost and accuracy matter. It can be used for opinion polls, surveys, utility meter readings and a number of other everyday life situations. It includes mobile endpoint software used by field personnel and a Web-based application dedicated to creating and distributing questionnaires as well as to receiving the data.

Having strong knowledge of Nokia Data Gathering, Comarch commercially offers expert support in setting up and maintaining Nokia Data Gathering for various kinds of organizations and easily adjusts the solution to the customer’s unique requirements. Comarch’s offer also covers the configuration and usage of Nokia Data Gathering training, as well as hosting and maintaining the solutions in its Data Center.

Comarch has also contributed to the Nokia Data Gathering program by releasing the first version of an open source client for the Windows Phone 7.x platform.  

- Nokia Data Gathering is to questionnaires what email is to letter writing. It has helped many organizations reduce cost, time and redundancy in their data collection activities. We are very pleased to see system integrators like Comarch serving their clients and contributing to the evolution of the software, says Gregory Elphinston, Director of Sustainability Innovation at Nokia.

- Recently Comarch has joined the Linux Foundation which was a natural consequence of the changing business environment in which open source software plays a significant role in. As a result, there are more and more open source projects in which Comarch will play a crucial role by offering consulting, integration and customization services, along with actual code contribution. Nokia Data Gathering is an outstanding open source project driven by Nokia which is improving people’s lives around the planet and makes our contribution even more important, says Mariusz Lasek, Business Development Director at Comarch.

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