Comarch Proves its Dedication to Developing an Extensible Radio Access Network by Joining O-RAN Alliance

Comarch, a global supplier of IT solutions for the telecommunications industry, has become the newest member of the O-RAN Alliance - a consortium dedicated to promoting a software-based, extensible radio access network and to standardizing critical elements of the O-RAN Alliance architecture.

As the market is heading towards open RAN and O-RAN Alliance became the epicenter of its growth, Comarch’s decision to join he organization highlights the company’s commitment to drive, support and help develop open RAN architecture side by side with other operators. The O-RAN architecture helps transform today’s static, highly-proprietary RAN infrastructure into an extensible, software-based service delivery platform capable of rapidly responding to changing user, application and business needs.

With over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, providing OSS and BSS solutions to mobile network operators, Comarch has always focused on managing multi-vendor networks in RAN, IP/TX and CORE networks. Historically, that meant integrating with a wide variety of proprietary interfaces, complicating the leverage of network functions in automation use cases. This was especially true in RAN, a domain typically dominated by siloed vendor solutions, Radio access network functions were not easily accessible through open interfaces. Open-RAN is a 180-degree change in that approach.

Comarch contribution to O-RAN focuses on leveraging the architecture by making sure that interoperability and interfaces are guaranteed through work on end to end use cases in the domain of orchestration and automation of RAN services and functions, self-healing and self-optimization.

“Comarch strongly believes in the future of open RAN architectures and we are glad to be taking an active part in creating them. Joining the O-RAN Alliance is just another step and a great extension to the actions we are already taking in terms of driving innovations and openness in the industry. We believe that our more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry as a vendor-independent OSS and BSS provider will bring added value for the whole O-RAN Alliance. As a member, we would like to drive the conversation and focus on areas such as multi-vendor, scalable RAN architecture, interoperability, orchestration and automation of RAN services and functions”, said Michał Mędrala, Head of OSS Consulting at Comarch.

About O-RAN Alliance

O-RAN ALLIANCE members and contributors have committed to evolving radio access networks around the world. Future RANs will be built on a foundation of virtualized network elements, white-box hardware and standardized interfaces that fully embrace O-RAN’s core principles of intelligence and openness. An ecosystem of innovative new products is already emerging, and will underpin the multi-vendor, interoperable, autonomous RAN, envisioned by many in the past, but only now enabled by the global industry-wide vision, commitment and leadership of O-RAN ALLIANCE members and contributors. The O-RAN ALLIANCE was founded by operators to clearly define requirements and help build a supply chain eco-system to realize its objectives.

You can learn more about the Alliance and its objectives at:

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