Comarch Named 2020 Catalyst Award Winner

February 2021 – Comarch Telecommunications and its “AIOps Autonomous Service Assurance” project has been named as 2020 Catalyst Award Winner for Outstanding Contribution to TM Forum assets.

In 2020, Comarch took part in TM Forum’s renowned collaborative proof-of-concept Catalyst program focused on co-creating innovative solutions to important industry challenges leveraging key TM Forum best practices and standards with its innovative AIOps autonomous service assurance championed by LGU+.

“This Catalyst demonstrates how AI can drive closed-loop service assurance in network services, building the foundations for autonomous networks and service management processes. The project also proves best practices for how to deploy and operate AI in complex situations, contributing back to the TM Forum AIOps Collaboration initiative.”
– TM Forum,

Comarch’s project took the use of AI in telecommunications assurance to a higher level by correlating potential network errors with predicted customer behavior and preventing dissatisfaction. It demonstrated a pioneering solution and concrete AI-based use cases covering vital assurance processes, including such areas as:

  • Automated problem detection
  • Identification and diagnosis of root causes and bad customer experience
  • Fault-fix automation

Winners were chosen by TM Forum’s Collaboration Sub-Committee, whose job is to oversee the effective creation and adoption of pragmatic best practices and standards, delivering value to the membership by meeting industry needs.

About Catalyst

Catalysts are rapid-fire proof-of-concept projects bringing together companies large and small to create innovate solutions to common challenges, leveraging key TM Forum best practices and standards to ensure scalability, reuse and reduced costs and risk. Catalyst teams showcase their solutions at Digital Transformation series events. Additionally, Catalysts are promoted to online industry audiences via TM Forum’s Catalyst web pages, marketing and social media channels and our Inform research and content hub. Catalyst projects are aligned with the collaboration work of TM Forum, thereby bringing best practices and standards from collaboration programs to life in real-world scenarios to prove the value of these assets. The outputs of a Catalyst project include white papers, case studies, best practices, lessons learned, API specifications, models, frameworks and reference code. Learn more here.

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