Comarch Mentioned in Telco Republic Report Disrupter Quintant for Next-Generation Telecom Operations and Business Support Systems (NG-TOBS)

Telco Republic has published a report detailing the range of industry vendors that help telecom providers overcome the limitations of traditional BSS and OSS systems by introducing Next-Generation Telecom Operations and Business Support Systems (NG-TOBS) infrastructures. Comarch is listed in the publication as one of these vendors. 

All companies are presented in five categories, called “quintants,” based on strengths and challenges that they are facing. “The scope, breadth and depth of portfolios, market presence, go-to-market strategies and organizational set-ups” were also taken into consideration. Each vendor could be grouped as:

  1. Disrupters
  2. Innovators
  3. Reformers
  4. Transformers
  5. Niche innovators

Comarch is included in the Transformers quintant. Among the most important activities of the company were listed:

  • A comprehensive NG-TOBS product portfolio built entirely inhouse, coupled with a capable professional services organization
  • A long track record of stable, predictable and reliable product development in response to CSPs’ requirements

In the report, the Comarch portfolio is described as follows: “[…] covers the entire NG-TOBS universe. All modules are entirely developed in-house, giving the portfolio a high degree of cohesion and interoperability.

The portfolio is TMF, GSMA, ETSI, 3GPP and O-RAN compliant and can be deployed in a best-of-suite or best-of-breed fashion on-premises, in the private cloud, the hybrid cloud and the public cloud (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, VMware and Red Hat)”.

Telco Republic also provides useful information for CSPs that are considering NG-TOBS vendors and solutions. It is easy to find out why they should consider listed vendors. In the case of Comarch, it is:

  • “CSPs of any size looking for a full-stack integrated NG-TOBS solution”
  • “CSPs of any size that prefer to work with a vendor which has equally competent software publishing and system integration capabilities, especially CSPs looking for nearshoring options in Europe”
  • “CSPs of any size that prefer an alternative to the largest NG-TOBS providers”

The full version of Telco Republic’s report “Disrupter Quintant for Next-Generation Telecom Operations and Business Support Systems (NG-TOBS)” was created by Martina Kurth and Norbert Scholz.

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