Comarch is Empowering Telcos with AI: New Campaign Answers CSPs’ Questions about Artificial Intelligence
What is the point of using AI in telecoms? What are the elements of a telecom business that artificial intelligence can improve now? What are the top use cases that show how the application of AI in the telecom industry can impact CSPs’ profits and business costs?

In the new campaign, “Empowering Telcos with AI”, Comarch dispels all the doubts telcos might have regarding the adoption of AI technology.

Four campaign episodes that will be published in the coming months will raise the subject of artificial intelligence and its use in various areas and processes of the telco business. Each episode, featuring a white paper and a video, will focus on a different AI-based service - from cutting costs with AI, through automatic network problem detection to tackling customer service system fraud.

New episodes will be released every couple of weeks. They will debate how telecoms can benefit from the various AI-based industry use cases, and above all the future of artificial intelligence in telcos.

More information can be found on the campaign website Learn more now

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