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Catalyst's “AI-powered cooperation for efficient networks” program aims to provide self-design and intelligent networking between RAN and other network elements with overlapping CSP coverage in order to cut costs, boost efficiency, and help operators become green by reducing their carbon footprint. Modern radio access networks offer very efficient services in a wide range of applications. That is why initiatives such as Catalyst and others must incorporate these devices.

What is a Catalyst Project?

In order to co-create answers to the largest challenges facing the industry, Catalyst initiatives combine the aggregate strength of the most brilliant minds and powerful industry leaders. Collaboration among enterprises opens up opportunities for improved end-user experience, sustainable growth, and connection for all.

The main objectives of the “AI-powered cooperation for efficient networks” Catalyst project

To find ways to optimize resource allocation in 5G networks, this Catalyst will create a new technique that will benefit CSPs, end-users, and the environment.  It intends to enhance the factor that is used to calculate these costs, enabling CSPs to continuously optimize resource allocation and enhance service offering policies. The project will create an original method for 5G network resource allocation optimization. A wide range of considerations, including technological, economic, and environmental ones, will be taken into account. A software platform that uses the methodology will enable CSPs to fully automate the optimization procedure. This is a big step towards implementing a fully autonomous network for telecommunications operators.

Catalyst: more than just cooperation 

The Catalyst’s team consists of Champions and Participants that can share knowledge and experience to create common ideas dedicated to a given area of the telecommunications industry. It is worth mentioning that cooperation is announced to meet the requirements of TM Forum’s standards. Our Catalyst partners include: 

  • Orange
  • Vodafone
  • Inetum

There is no denying that the effects of cooperation between industry leaders can bring significant advances in best practices. The contribution of experts who share their skills is huge, and this is only one of the key elements of the entire project.

Comarch’s input into the project 

In the implemented Catalyst, Comarch provides an open platform based on the MIRA product that uses AI techniques to automate resource allocation. MIRA, short for Mutli-criteria Intelligent Resource Allocation, was designed with the delivery of high-level and tailored support for business in mind. It’s a product that brings artificial intelligence to business processes, facilitating the  flexible implementation of solutions, including planning, creating, optimizing, and maintaining network slices using a number of criteria (technical, economic, ecological and other special requirements for specific implementations). Criteria, priorities, and parameters are provided in a universal form for the implemented use cases in the form of policies of conduct. Reflecting the complex requirements of modern telecommunications networks, including the use of virtualization of network elements, it combines the management of physical and virtual elements and provides complete network images for realization. A significant contribution of Catalyst is the implementation of a complex scenario based on TMF's recommendation on Open Digital Architecture, and innovation due to the need to develop and refine interfaces in cooperation with TMF. This use case is based on negotiating liability between operators and then redesigning and configuring both networks so as to implement the results of these negotiations and, as a result, achieve lower energy consumption while maintaining coverage from the customers' point of view.

This Catalyst is a presentation of a complex use case based on the cooperation of two CSPs. It provides technical cooperation, and importantly it ensures equal and fair conditions of this cooperation for both operators, separation of sensitive services provided on the resources used, and above all the underlying reduction of the carbon footprint of both CSPs by reducing and rationalizing energy consumption. The platform allows other scenarios to be implemented easily, and gives a number of possibilities for other use cases (including for integrators and even the CSPs themselves).

Check out the result of our Catalyst project

Want to learn more about the process flow and results of the Catalyst entitled: “AI-powered cooperation for efficient networks”? Be sure to attend DTW 2023 - Ignite in Copenhagen. Representatives of the project will give you an insight into the fundamental aspects and main benefits. They will include:

  • Dr. Muslim Elkotob, Principal Solutions Architect at Vodafone 
  • Dr. Benoit Radier, Autonomic research engineer/ETSI standardization at Orange
  • Paweł Świerszcz, Business Architect at Comarch

A presentation will be held on September 19, between 12:35 and 12:47 pm local time. Feel free to make your way to the Innovation Arena Stage and dive into the world of network efficiency. 

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