Comarch Included in the Appledore Research Report on Service Orchestration

March 2022, Poland – The Polish company Comarch has been included among the largest telecommunications companies in the report "Market Outlook: End-to-end Service Orchestration" prepared by Appledore Research.

In the rapidly developing market space that encompasses end-to-end or cross-domain service orchestration, supplier opportunities have grown significantly in the past two years. That is why this report is a must read for CSPs and vendors interested in cross-domain orchestration, and who want to keep up with this developing market. It provides analysis of what comprehensive cross-domain service orchestration means, explains why it is so important, and describes the key concepts and practices that are necessary for successful implementation of a solution. Everything is based on the knowledge and experience of the major and most notable players in this market today.

Orchestration is probably the most (over) used marketing term nowadays, so this report plays an important role in demystifying it and providing valuable guidance to distinguish truly transformative tools from marketing buzzwords. We are very pleased that the Comarch solution has been identified as a real tool enabling the realization of intent-driven automation, with customer services playing the role of the high level intent to define the criteria for AI/ML algorithms responsible for translating that intent into technical realization from the fulfillment and assurance perspectives”- said Łukasz Mendyk, OSS Product Manager at Comarch.

An Appledore Research representative, who is also one of the analysts who wrote the report, sums it up in the following words:

"Cross-domain service orchestration is a critical new platform for service innovation, connecting CSP capabilities, and more importantly linking them to third-party capabilities and ecosystems. Based on extensive in-depth interviews and analysis, this new report highlights key considerations for CSPs, and profiles the most important suppliers of service orchestration solutions today" – said Grant Lenahan, Principal Analyst at Appledore Research.

If you want to know more, download the full 60-page report from the Appledore Research website here.

More about Appledore Research

Appledore Research is a global research and consulting firm specializing in the telecommunication and software market. They provide reports on market share, forecasts, business models and industry trends, as well as custom research in the areas of 5G, edge computing, SD-WAN, NFV, SDN, automation, analytics, and IoT in the telecommunication and media market segments. Their clients include global software and infrastructure suppliers, CSPs, and investment banking firms. Appledore’s team of analysts brings 20+ years of experience working with CSPs and major suppliers in the industry.

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